Knights Templar proof on The Curse of Oak Island this season? Rick Lagina drops massive hint

Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island and historic artwork of the Knights Templar
Rick on next week’s The Curse of Oak Island and, inset, an image depicting the Knights Templar

Rick Lagina has dropped a massive hint that evidence of a Knight Templar presence could be found by the team on The Curse of Oak Island this season.

He let slip the teaser during an interview on Drilling Down host Matty Blake’s “Matty and Nick” radio show on Boston’s WAAF 107.3.

Rick said that if you were going to watch any season of The Curse of Oak Island, THIS is the one to watch — and revealed that the team had written “chapters” in the history of Oak Island this season rather than just “sentences”.

Asked if he thought what might be hidden on Oak Island had something to do with the Knight Templar theory, Rick — who famously doesn’t watch the show — laughed nervously before Matty at first answered for him saying: “Keep watching Season 5? Can I say that?”

Rick, who had producer Joe Lessard looking over him to make sure he didn’t spill the beans, then said: “I’m going to get slapped around here if I say anything like that but I will say this, and I truly mean this, I have not watched the series of shows for five seasons, but if I were to watch one I would watch this year.

“That should tell you that we have made some very interesting and intriguing and certainly, some real progress in the search. I’ll say that, I can’t say any more.”

Matty Blake, who was broadcasting the interview with Rick from the War Room on Oak Island, then added fuel to the Knights Templar theory, adding: “We have the producer Joe Lessard right here watching every single thing that Rick and I say, and he’s giving us looks so I have to be very careful, but I would say this on that…definitely, Season 5, definitely if you’re into those kind of theories, watch this season.”

Rick also said that he believed whatever was on the island was more than just something worth lots of money. He said: “I personally believe it has nothing to do with temporal wealth, I think there’s something buried on this island that far exceeds temporal wealth.”

Asked what line would have to be reached before he and Marty decided to call it quits on their search, he replied: “Really that’s an easy line to call. My brother and I decided early on in the quest two things — when it stopped being fun…it continues to be fun…and if we can’t move the dial.

“That would be the drop-dead line in the sand for me because I think the story of what happened here long ago is very important and if we cannot continue to write sentences in that book — or indeed chapters this year — maybe we don’t write the epilogue in the story that is Oak Island…then I would relinquish our pursuit of this to someone else.”

This week’s second episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 saw Rick and the rest of the team investigate the sea-chest of privateer and Freemason Captain James Anderson, while part of a Spanish maravedi coin was found and they also received proof that a spike discovered on the island was hundreds of years old (read our full Episode 2 recap here).

Next week’s episode promises to be much darker with previews and teasers pointing to something very sinister being found — as well as “hard evidence” of Europeans being on the island more than 120 years before the discovery of the Money Pit.

A coin which was thought could be a Templar one was found on the show back in Season 2, but it turned out to be a simple metal disc.

Watch a newly released teaser for Episode 3 of The Curse of Oak Island below:

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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