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Kindred Spirits investigates a haunted house in New England

Haunted house in New England
Kindred Spirits investigates a haunted house in New England, but can Amy and Adam help?

This week on Kindred Spirits, Amy and Adam investigate a haunted house in New England where terrifying voices have driven a woman from her house.

The security system seems to have captured these mysterious voices and the owner clearly thinks they might be of paranormal origin.

A previous owner did commit suicide and there is also a creepy crawlspace in the basement.

Amy ask a former resident if they ever had anything weird happen in the house.

The woman says that every day she lived in the house she had that problem.

Scary basement
The house features a creepy looking side room off the basement

She tells Amy: “They have been times when I’ve been here alone, when I’ve felt like there was someone here.”

She goes on: “Actually there’s a room in the basement, we call it the scary room.”

Keen to get some facts about the house and the basement, Amy drafts in Jim from the Rockland Historical Commission to lend his expert advice.

He reckons the stonework is early to mid 1800s and says it is unsuual to have such a big side room.

“This is much more than a crawlspace” he says rather ominously.

On a lighter note, at one point Amy and Adam are investigating a cupboard when Amy nearly jumps out of her skin, though nothing paranormal…she mistakes a teddy for an animal. Maybe she has been playing Five Nights at Freddy’s!

Watch Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on Kindred Spirits – Breaking and Entering  at 10/9c PM on TLC.

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