Kicking & Screaming: Contestant Kirsten struggles with severe allergic reaction

Kristen suffering her allergic reaction during the night on last week's Kicking & Screaming
Kirsten suffering her allergic reaction during the night on last week’s Kicking & Screaming

This week’s second episode of Kicking & Screaming on FOX sees contestant Kirsten Kozak’s stint in the jungle on the line — as she struggles to deal with a severe allergic reaction.

Housewife Kirsten — one of the 10 novice cast members teamed up with hardcore survivalists on the show — woke up with a swollen face in the middle of the night on last week’s premiere episode.

At the time she asked if it could be the Zika virus. But tonight things get serious when the reaction threatens to put her and partner Ras’s continued appearance on the show in jeopardy.

Later in the episode, during the week’s prize challenge, rivalries are already coming to the fore and airs and graces become a thing of the past as true feelings come to light during the elimination.

Watch the preview clip below as Natalie Casanova says: “It’s just gonna get messy.”

Kicking & Screaming airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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