Kicking & Screaming recap: The beauty pageants and boxes of money edition

John and Nakeisha return, triumphant, from their elimination challenge on this week’s Kicking & Screaming. “This is the first time where the power has been so important in this game,” John says. They choose Ben and Juliana to send to the next elimination challenge. Host Hannah Simone visits the campsite to introduce the new prize

Kicking & Screaming recap: The invisibility cloak and worm whisperer edition

The campers have lasted another few days on FOX’s not-quite-a-survival-show Kicking & Screaming. I can’t even watch this with my husband anymore, because all he does is yell at the TV. “Makeup? She’s putting on makeup?” and “Where do they get headlamps?” and “Are they really brushing their teeth?!?!” No, Kicking & Screaming will not

Kicking & Screaming recap: The you’re not my daddy meltdown edition

As the temperatures rise in the South Pacific, so do tempers on FOX’s Kicking & Screaming. Last week, everybody was buddy-buddy. That didn’t last long. “The first hot day of summer in any city is the most murders you’ll have all year,” John, the mercenary, says. He’s not wrong. And people are getting really hungry,

Kicking & Screaming: Contestant Kirsten struggles with severe allergic reaction

This week’s second episode of Kicking & Screaming on FOX sees contestant Kirsten Kozak’s stint in the jungle on the line — as she struggles to deal with a severe allergic reaction. Housewife Kirsten — one of the 10 novice cast members teamed up with hardcore survivalists on the show — woke up with a swollen

Who is stunning Kicking & Screaming host Hannah Simone?

FOX’s new jungle reality competition series is hosted by Hannah Simone — who you probably recognise, but where from? Hannah is a former model and you’ve most likely seen her in New Girl on FOX, on which she plays Cecilia ‘Cece’ Parekh. But the beauty, from Vancouver, Canada, has lots of strings to her bow. Her

Kicking & Screaming cast: Meet the contestants on FOX’s jungle reality series

FOX’s all-new jungle reality competition series Kicking & Screaming has arrived — and here are the cast members taking part. The show sees 10 hardcore survival experts paired up with 10 high-maintenance partners — all outdoors novices — as they compete in a string of challenges to try and win the $500,000 prize. The series is hosted by former model