Ken Jennings willing to take ‘less money’ for Jeopardy! hosting position: ‘It’s his religion’

ken jennings at the ABC Television's TCA Winter Press Tour
Ken reportedly would take a pay cut to keep his hosting gig. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings is so dedicated to his job that he’ll take a pay cut to keep it.

That’s what a source recently claimed about the 50-year-old Jeopardy! host.

Ken has been hosting Jeopardy! solo since December 2023. Prior to that, he shared hosting duties with Mayim Bialik, who has since been released by Sony.

Following legendary host Alex Trebek’s passing in 2020, Ken and Mayim were named co-hosts in 2022.

But now that Ken is hosting the trivia show alone, he’s serious about his career and would reportedly do just about anything to stay on board – even accept a lower salary.

A source spoke with The Sun and revealed that Ken would like to remain in his position for the long haul, much like Alex Trebek did for 37 seasons.

Jeopardy! insider says Ken Jennings will do whatever it takes to keep his position as host

The insider claimed, “Jeopardy! is Ken’s religion; he lives it, and he breathes it, and despite all the outside pressures, he’s not going to mess this up.”

“He’s proud to have worked his way into this position and believes he has what it takes to make it last for decades to come,” they continued.

And Ken knows that he could never fill Alex Trebek’s shoes, calling the TV icon his “personal hero.”

In order to continue hosting Jeopardy! for the foreseeable future, Ken is willing to make less money if that “ensure[s] his longevity.”

“You can bet your life he’d be game,” the source added, noting that Ken isn’t in his position just for the big paycheck.

The insider continued, “This isn’t all about the money. It’s a way of life for Ken and then some. He’s in it for the long run and to secure his status in the show’s history.”

Ken’s Jeopardy! salary is a fraction of Alex Trebek’s

So, how much does Ken currently pull in from hosting Jeopardy!?

According to, his paychecks aren’t too shabby — Ken earns $4 million annually. That’s in addition to the $2.5 million he earned from his impressive 74-game run as a contestant.

That pales in comparison, however, to Alex Trebek’s $10 million annual salary, but reportedly, Ken’s salary will increase now that Mayim is no longer co-hosting Jeopardy!

Ken doesn’t have a long-term contract like his predecessor, Alex Trebek, did, which means he could be replaced at any time.

But Jeopardy! viewers seem to love Ken as the sole host of the weeknight game show, so it doesn’t appear that his job will be in jeopardy any time soon.

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Warren Miller
Warren Miller
1 month ago

I’ve watched Jeopardy! since it launched in the early 1980s. I thought Alex Trebek was irreplaceable, but the performance of Ken Jennings as host has persuaded me otherwise. He’s first-rate in every respect. The crucial objective is to prevent Mayim Bialik from returning–EVER! She tried hard, but just didn’t have what the job required. Ken Jennings does.