Kelly Le Brock struggles to help daughter Arissa with her plus-size model career on Growing Up Supermodel series premiere

Arissa, daughter of Kelly Le Brock
Growing Up Supermodel follows the trials of aspiring models like Arissa, daughter of Kelly Le Brock

Growing Up Supermodel is a brand new series on Lifetime that follows the lives of aspiring young model with some very famous supermodel parents.

The young models talk about how the world of fashion has changed with the models most in demand today are those with a famous last name. The daughters of Beverly Peele, Kelly Le Brock and Shanna Moakler are just a few of the budding supermodels looking to make it big in the very competitive fashion industry.

However, some of them want to be known for themselves and not their famous parents. Le Brock’s daughter Arissa says people say: Oh you’re Le Brock’s daughter, oh you’re Steven Seagal’s I’m me!”

She also talks about the difficulty of being a plus sized model, something that comes with its own pressures and demands.

Kelly Le Brock wearing a cowboy hat
Kelly Le Brock had huge success as a model, movie star and sex symbol

Her famous mother also spekas a little bit about the drug scene in her day and just how prevalent it was in modelling. Something that is still very true today, with cocaine and catwalk seen as going hand-in-hand.

Cairo Peele is the opposite and is actively seeking her mother’s help on a big shoot, whilst Shanna Moakler is really pushing her daughter Atiana De La Hoya to grab any chances that come her way with both hands.

Growing Up Supermodel airs on Wednesdays at 10:02 PM on Lifetime.

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