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John Oliver to Trump: ‘America and Russia are not the same!”

John Oliver with a picture of Vladimir Putin behind him
Oliver, with a picture of Vladimir Putin behind him, compares Russia and America on Last Week Tonight

The weird and off-putting chummy relationship Donald Trump thinks he has with Russia and especially Vladimir Putin is dangerous for our country, according to Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver.

Last night, Oliver referred to Trump as the propagandist of Putin’s dreams, saying: “America and Russia are not the f****** same!”

Trump’s public remarks about Russia and Putin were examined as Oliver noted the very real shroud of doubt surrounding Putin, who is routinely idolized in Russia via a state-run press corps with techno-pop songs singing his macho praises and fawning photo ops where he allegedly plucked an antiquity out of the sea.

But the reality is grim. Putin’s detractors have alarmingly wound up dead, poisoned, radiated and straight-up shot. No one has been caught for their murders. There are no trails that directly connect Putin to these deaths, but the math keeps adding up.

From the beginning, his reign in Russia has been surrounded by controversy and Oliver noted that it is estimated he is one of the richest men in the world, who regularly throws lucrative business deals to those who support him.

Even Putin’s daughter has holdings over $2billion and considering she is a rock and roll acrobat, the fact has raised lots of eyebrows.

After showing some phony opposition *** tapes revealed on Russian news media, Oliver said: “I’m currently talking s**t about Putin on television so I’m expecting my *** tape next to come out any moment.”

He added: “Putin has carefully created an atmosphere in Russia but he’***tremely hostile to any opposition. Standing up to him could mean being targeted by trolls.”

John Oliver with a picture of Donald Trump behind him
John Oliver explains how Trump has become Putin’s favorite propagandist

But then a reel of Trump’s “wouldn’t it be nice” speeches were put in a montage, where Trump tells audiences that being friendly with Russia would be “a good thing”.

This was then capped off by Trump’s Bill O’Reilly FOX news interview as he embarrassingly told O’Reilly that he would gently admonish Putin for buzzing USA naval ships.

Showing the real differences between the USA and Russia, faults and all, Oliver underscored his point saying: “Yeah, I’ve talked a lot of s**t, and to his credit, he [Trump] has not had me murdered yet. Yet there is still time.

“The problem is though that Trump has already given Putin a lot without realizing it, but Putin wants more.

“Experts say that he likely wants an end to US sanctions, for us to endorse his pro-Assad position in Syria and to weaken NATO and to recognize the annexation of Crimea all of which will be against American interests and values.

“But there seems to be a genuine danger that if unchecked Trump may trade any or all of that away in exchange for ‘getting along better’ — whatever the f*** that really means.

“So someone needs quickly to get into Trump’s ear and educate him in what ‘getting along better’ with Putin means.”

Last Week Tonight airs Sundays at 11pm ET/PT on HBO.

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