Jeremy Wade hunts puncture-wound beast in Papua New Guinea on River Monsters

Jeremy Wade looks at a barracuda on River Monsters
Jeremy Wade inspects a barracuda’s teeth as he hunts the mysterious attacker on River Monsters

On this week’s River Monsters, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade goes on the hunt of a mysterious underwater beast — which has been inflicting terrifying puncture wounds on fishermen.

Wade travels to the volcanic South Pacific islands after reports of the unknown monster attacking the men while they worked out at sea.

As they have spent their lives fishing, the men are no stranger to the usual suspects that lie under the waves — like barracuda and trevally with their razor-sharp teeth.

But they have been unable to identify the beast at the center of the attacks.

Watch footage from the episode as Wade — who is hanging up his fishing rod at the end of this season of the popular Animal Planet show — goes trolling on a local fishing boat in a bid to see if he can lure in the monster.

He catches both trevally and barracuda, and shows how they could bite or wound humans— but not in the same manner as the fishermen have described.

River Monsters airs Sundays at 9/8c on Animal Planet.

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