Jeremy Wade stars in Mysteries of the Deep coming to Discovery, preview

Discovery has a new series debuting in 2020 (date TBA) starring Jeremy Wade titled Mysteries of the Deep. Jeremy Wade is an aquatic explorer. He is an ichthyologist par excellence, a rugged individual whose love for the planet shows in every project in which he is involved. He is beloved by anglers and conservationists the

Mighty Rivers exclusive: Jeremy Wade searching for the Danube’s endangered huchen

On Sunday night’s Mighty Rivers, host Jeremy Wade is searching for the endangered huchen or Danube salmon, a large species of freshwater fish in the salmon family. The huchen calls the Danube basin in Europe home, but unfortunately, the remaining population is threatened by factors that Wade is trying to determine, perhaps a type of

Jeremy Wade exclusive interview: From River Monsters to new series Mighty Rivers

Extreme angler and biologist Jeremy Wade is probably best known for investigating stories of giant fish and other mysterious creatures on Animal Planet’s River Monsters. Now he has taken his expertise and is using it help draw attention to the plight of some of the world’s greatest waterways — many of which are in distress.

Jeremy Wade hunts puncture-wound beast in Papua New Guinea on River Monsters

On this week’s River Monsters, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade goes on the hunt of a mysterious underwater beast — which has been inflicting terrifying puncture wounds on fishermen. Wade travels to the volcanic South Pacific islands after reports of the unknown monster attacking the men while they worked out at sea. As they have