Jenna Cooper denies cheating scandal, threatens legal action for fake texts

Jenna Cooper from Bachelor in Paradise in an Instagram snap
Jenna Cooper has broken her silence, saying she’s contemplating legal action. Pic credit: @jennacooperfit/Instagram

Jenna Cooper has finally broken her silence about the text messages she’s being accused of sending. The story broke yesterday before the Bachelor In Paradise finale, where Jordan Kimball proposed to her.

Earlier, she had released a vague statement, saying she was focusing on her relationship and wanted privacy. That wasn’t enough for Bachelor In Paradise fans, who all wanted to know how she could hurt Jordan the way she allegedly did.

Now, Jenna has released a statement on social media and the message is clear – she’s not happy. In her statement, Jenna claims that all text messages shared online were completely fabricated and she never sent those to anyone.

She also explains that she never cheated on Jordan and she has nothing to hide. Just to take things one step further, she also reveals she has spoken to a lawyer and she’s contemplating legal action.

Jenna Cooper calls this an attack on her character. The person who released the text messages to Reality Steve has not been identified, but said he felt “manipulated” by Jenna.

The text messages were just a few of the things that were leaked in the story. The person also claimed Jenna “used men for money and business”.

He claimed that’s how he initially met her, before the relationship quickly turned sexual, and said she was “manipulating” Jordan too.

Jordan Kimball has revealed he’s devastated and is rumored to have ended the relationship and engagement to Jenna. In his statement, he alludes to the fact that he believes the leaker over Cooper.

Bachelor In Paradise is done for this year, but The Bachelor returns on January 7, 2019, on ABC.

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