It’s touch and go as chihuahua Lucy needs emergency c-section in Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet exclusive

Chihuahua Lucy on Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
Tiny chihuahua Lucy looking distressed ahead of her c-section on Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

A tiny chihuahua needs an emergency c-section in our exclusive clip from the new season of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet — but it’s touch-and-go whether her pup will still be alive.

The dog, called Lucy, accidentally got pregnant after mating with her owner Katherine’s larger pomeranian, meaning the puppy inside her is too big for her to give birth to.

Katherine brings her into the vets teary-eyed after watching Lucy struggling as she tries to give birth.

In the clip, ahead of the premiere of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Season 4, she meets with Dr. Donald Kraft.

He tells her a c-section will be the best, and probably the only, option because Lucy has already been straining for several hours.

Dr. Kraft says: “I do caution that after this long, the puppy may or may not be still alive.” But he adds: “If it is still alive, we’ll do everything we can.”

Katherine tells him that saving Lucy’s life is the most important thing at this point, saying: “I mean, yes, we want to save the puppy but she [Lucy] is a member of the family.”

Lucy being held by owner Katherine
A teary-eyed Katherine tells the camera crew about Lucy’s ordeal trying to give birth

Dr. Kraft is a graduate of the Royal Vet College in London, UK, and it appears Lucy will be in great hands as he acts quickly to try and save both the mom dog and her pup.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain vet, Animal Planet’s most-watched program, centers around Dr. Jeff Young and the committed staff at his Planned Pethood Plus clinic in Colorado.

Doggie patients in future episodes include a labrador retriever who downed a tool belt and now has leather and metal in his system that needs to be surgically removed, along with a wandering cat who returned home with a broken leg.

We will also see Dr. Jeff’s mobile unit visit a Denver homeless youth shelter, Sox Place, to provide spay and neutering services free of charge for those who only have their pets and few possessions.

He and and his team also head to Mexico and Romania to take part in some emergency critical care.

Dr. Jeff Young and his team deal with 80,000-plus clients, with approximately 30 surgeries a day including staffing an emergency room and a mobile clinic.

It was a trauma in his youth when Dr. Jeff’s dog died that inspired him to help animals, and especially people of lesser means who cannot afford costly vet bills.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet returns for a new season Saturday, September 30, at 9pm on Animal Planet.

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