Is this proof Luke from Married at First Sight is gay? Facebook showed he and man had ‘love at first sight’

Luke Cuccurullo on his wedding day on Married at First Sight
Evidence that Luke from Married at First Sight is gay is starting to mount. Pic credit: Lifetime

On Married at First Sight Decision Day, viewers were relieved when Kate told Luke she wanted a divorce — but the biggest bombshell of the show came right at the very end. As the credits rolled, Kate called Luke out over his Facebook page, which she claimed said he was in a relationship with another man.

Well, like most Married at First Sight fans, we scoured Luke Cuccurullo’s Facebook page looking for evidence of this claim, but to those whose friendship requests he never accepted it wasn’t clear if his profile and relationship status were just private or if that relationship status just wasn’t there.

Now we have some proof (thanks to an eagle-eyed super sleuth) that as recently as March 7, Luke Cuccurullo’s Facebook page did actually have a status posted linking him with another man.

Luke Cuccurullo posted a relationship status with another man on Facebook
This screenshot from Luke Cuccurullo’s Facebook was taken on March 7. Pic credit: Luke Cuccurullo/Facebook

You can see in the profile photo on the top left corner that this is Luke’s previous profile photo (remember the photo that looked like he might be officiating a gay wedding?), prior to the one he recently put up.

The relationship status could be a friend or it could be a boyfriend, it’s not really clear from the screenshot, but the “Love at first sight” mention does make this whole scenario a bit curious.

However, another eye-opening claim emerged following the latest episode of Married at First Sight. Originally posted by a user on Reddit, it is said to come from an inside source and alleges that Luke had a second Facebook page which Kate found and which listed him as being in a relationship with a man.

We also managed to dig up a few interesting photos of Luke and his friends. We’re not saying this is proof that he’s gay but the photos are definitely interesting.

Here he is running in the 2014 Cupid Undie Run in Philadelphia.

We also found Luke Cuccurullo on MySpace. One photo, showing him making a funny face while wearing a rainbow-colored shirt, was captioned “straight”.

Luke Cuccurullo on MySpace
Luke Cuccurullo on Myspace. Pic credit: MySpace

The photo below was originally shared by Married at First Sight back in February. Notice that Luke and Kate aren’t standing together in the reunion photo. Even Will and Jasmine are together.

After what we saw on the latest episode, Twitter has been full of Married at First Sight viewers who are desperate to know if Luke Cuccurullo is gay.

One thing is for sure, we can’t wait for next week when the Married at First Sight finale arrives and we get to hear the rest of the conversation between Luke and Kate rather than just the very, very juicy snippet that we were teased with last night.

The Married at First Sight Season 8 finale airs Tuesday, April 9 at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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