Is Robyn coming back to Dave Season 3? Details about Chloe Bennet’s role

Chloe Bennet at the Los Angeles special screening of YouTube Original's Impulse Season 2
Chloe Bennet at the Los Angeles special screening of YouTube Original’s Impulse Season 2. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Xavier Collin/ImagePressAgency

Dave Season 3 is another unexpected change in the saga of David Andrew Burd, aka Lil Dicky.

The first season was about his rise to fame, Dave Season 2 wrestled with learning how to handle success as well as friendships, and now, Season 3 is about Dave finding love in a sea of success.

And recently, in the episode titled “Wisconsin,” he might have found the essence of it with Robyn.

The episode was full of laughs and tender moments. In one scene, Dave and Robyn would have a genuine romance, and the next minute, Dave was showing off a Scroguard. (Avoid Googling it. Otherwise, readers might have to Windex their Facebook ads.)

But since Chloe Bennet’s character Robyn walked into Dave’s heart and audiences’ minds, everyone wants to know if she will return.

Here is what we know about Robyn and when she will return to the series.

Robyn from Dave Season 3: Will she return?

There’s not much information out there regarding the return of Robyn. And The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star has been mostly quiet from doing press interviews for Dave.

However, looking back around the time of her casting announcement, there is some specific language that might provide insight.

Variety initially broke the story back in September 2022. Upon doing so, they phrased it in this manner. “Chloe Bennet has signed on for a recurring role in Season 3 of ‘Dave’ at F.X.X…”

Notice the word “recurring.”

Simply put, readers can bet their Scroguards that Dave will find his way back to Robyn.

That said, it does not mean it will happen in Season 3, and her contract could have it for next season.

Plus, based on social media, Lil Dicky and Bennet seem to have a great friendship.

Lil Dicky and Chloe Bennet showcase ‘indigestion’ tummies

When Lil Dicky is not rapping about saving the planet, he seems to be making many friends in the industry. Bennet appears to be one of them, giving evidence to Instagram that the two of them are close friends outside the show.

In the Instagram post, Bennet and Lil Dicky are seen taking a selfie while extending their bellies.

In the caption, Bennet writes, “Hey, so one my bff’s Dave has his show (appropriately called ‘Dave’) premiering tonight. Most of you know him as lil dicky.” She adds, “I’m so f***ing excited for everyone to get to know him the way I have throughout the years. We both share a love of dairy. And we ALSO both have serious indigestion problems.”

She then cites their bloated tummies as evidence. The Dave actress also blames the dairy.

What is clear is they both have strong chemistry as friends on and off the screen. Needless to say, Robyn from Wisconsin will be back.

Until then, new episodes will air weekly on FXX and Hulu every Wednesday.

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