Is Nell from NCIS: Los Angeles pregnant?

Renée Felice Smith as Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10
Renée Felice Smith as Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10. Pic credit: CBS

Nell Jones has been a character on NCIS: Los Angeles since Season 2 of the show. Nell is classified as an intelligence analyst with NCIS and works with Eric Beale to provide technical support to the team.

The character of Nell was originally just supposed to be recurring, but she worked so well on-screen that the producers made her a permanent part of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast.

It was a really good choice for the show, as Nell brings a lot of humor to NCIS: LA and the actress who plays her just seems to be a lot of fun. This is a great contrast to the overall seriousness of the show each week.

Is Nell from NCIS: Los Angeles pregnant?

After the latest episode, some fans were left questioning if Nell is pregnant. However, there does not appear to be any evidence to back up this rumor.

It’s possible that a storyline of Nell being pregnant could get explored in the future, but there has been no revelation in recent NCIS: Los Angeles episodes that this is something that’s on the table.

One reason writers might explore a pregnancy storyline would be if an actress was pregnant in real life. However, Renée Felice Smith has made no announcement that she is expecting a child.

While that doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility, it does suggest that Smith is not pregnant at this time. So while some fans might have been hoping for an NCIS: LA baby, it doesn’t look like a pregnancy is on the cards anytime soon.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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