Is Michonne really leaving The Walking Dead? Danai Gurira speaks on Talking Dead

Michonne Leaves TWD
Danai Gurira as Michonne for the last time on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 13. Pic credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

Yes, Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead.

There’s no reason to bury the lede, here, as actress Danai Gurira has made her plans very public.

To confirm it to the fans of TWD, Gurira also appeared on an interesting episode of Talking Dead on Sunday night.

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Michonne leaves The Walking Dead

Season 10, Episode 13, was called “What We Become,” and it was a title used to reference episodes of the past.

It was an impactful night on AMC, with the entire episode dedicated to the character of Michonne and the time that she has spent on the show.

The episode covered what happened when Michonne and Virgil (Kevin Carroll) went back to the island where his family was supposedly waiting for him.

The trade had been that Michonne would be supplied with weapons if she got him there.

For anyone who already saw the episode, that’s not what ended up happening. Michonne instead had to save the day for people residing on that island.

At the same time, the episode also provided an opportunity to show some alternative stories about Michonne and what might have happened had she not saved Andrea and instead joined Negan and the Saviors.

For fans of Andrea on The Walking Dead, it was also a nice treat for them to see her again.

Is Michonne really leaving The Walking Dead?

During the latest episode of Talking Dead, Michonne was given the impactful send-off that every character who leaves the show is provided. It gives the actor/actress and the viewers a bit of closure.

After host Chris Hardwick spoke with Danai Gurira, they aired the send-off statement on screen:

“Michonne, you led your people… with purpose, grace and love. Now, you must follow your heart… even if it breaks ours. Bring him home.”

The statement, of course, refers to Rick Grimes, who was played by Andrew Lincoln on the show for years.

Within the context of the show, Michonne just found out that Rick is still alive, and her next quest is to find him.

There are rumors that Michonne will be seen in the Rick Grimes movies that are being made by AMC. The drop date on those films keeps getting pushed back and some fans worry they may never get finished.

Outside of that, we may have seen the end of Michonne and Danai Gurira with the franchise. But, things can change, which will be the case when Lauren Cohan returns as Maggie after leaving the show for a while.

For now, though, the character of Michonne has been seen for the last time on The Walking Dead.

Maybe she can help track down World Beyond, which just had its premiere date canceled.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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