Andrea from The Walking Dead appears in Michonne’s last episode

Laurie Holden
Laurie Holden as Andrea on The Walking Dead cast. Pic credit: AMC

Andrea on The Walking Dead was played by actress Laurie Holden for several years.

Holden was well-known before starring as Andrea, and she has had some notable roles since then as well.

In the past, she played Agent Olivia Murray on The Shield and Marita Covarrubias on The X-Files. She even popped up on the television version of The Magnificent Seven as Mary Travis.

After her time on The Walking Dead — where Holden appeared in 35 episodes — she went on to play Renee on The Americans and Greta Bellows on Proven Innocent.

What happened to Andrea on The Walking Dead?

The backstory for Andrea on The Walking Dead was an interesting one. She had been a civil rights attorney, and she was on a road trip with her sister Amy (Emma Bell) when the apocalypse took place.

Andrea and Amy were rescued by Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) and lived in an RV with him for a while. The trio was quite important to the show in its early days.

Andrea becomes close to Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) later on, learning a lot of survival techniques and weapon use from him. This proves very valuable to her during later episodes.

Andrea befriends Michonne on The Walking Dead

When Andrea is separated from her group, she is saved by Michonne (Danai Gurira), who ends up also becoming a primary cast member.

The duo becomes very tight but ends up taken captive by Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) and placed in Woodbury. That’s where The Governor (David Morrissey) becomes a primary antagonist on the show.

Even though Michonne doesn’t trust The Governor and flees Woodbury, Andrea remains behind, having a relationship with The Governor and helping him defend Woodbury.

When Andrea finds out the real intentions of The Governor and that he wants to kill Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne, and everyone else she used to call a friend, she turns on him.

This ends up her final mistake.

The Governor locks her in a room with Milton. The Governor then kills Milton, who then becomes a walker and bites Andrea.

Rick and Michonne arrive too late to save her, and her final scene involves using Rick’s gun to kill herself.

Now, in Michonne’s final episode, Andrea will reappear again, but not because Laurie Holden has filmed any new scenes. Fans will need to tune in to find out what that means.

Michonne’s final episode also serves to pause the Whisperers War, where Alpha was just killed by Negan.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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Perfect Timing
Perfect Timing
4 years ago

Are you kidding me with the spoiler laden HEADLINE of this article????