Is Lauren Cohan leaving The Walking Dead?

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead Season 9
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead Season 9. Pic credit: AMC

Quite a few changes are taking place on The Walking Dead as some of the most popular characters get ready to say goodbye. Rick Grimes is leaving The Walking Dead as Andrew Lincoln already confirmed. But what about Maggie Greene?

It turns out there will be plenty of reason for The Walking Dead viewers to cry in upcoming episodes as they say goodbye to Rick and Maggie (but not at the same time.) Lauren Cohan is also moving on from the AMC hit, a move that will massively change the landscape of the series.

The final episodes of Maggie Greene

There is a lot of mystery surrounding just how the actress will sign off, but her contract with the show has come to an end. Lauren Cohan is working on a show for a new network and has started seeing her film career really take off.

In recent episodes, there have been hints about what might happen with Maggie on the show. Jesus was shown reading a letter to her, suggesting that Maggie has a place to sneak off to if she is unhappy with her current situation. This could take place after the death of Rick Grimes, which is rumored to take place during the November 4 episode of the show.

Could Lauren Cohan return to The Walking Dead?

Though Cohan is leaving the show, there haven’t been any rumors about killing off her character. It may indicate that Maggie isn’t going to die. Will she instead kill off Negan and go on the run with baby Hershel? Could she simply go to live in a different community, allowing Cohan to return during a later season of the show?

As it stands, Lauren Cohan has already filmed her final scenes for The Walking Dead. Fans should prepare for the possibility that her story will be left open-ended, though, with possible closure coming at a later date.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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