Invite Only Cabo recap: The Larry is messing with Bianca’s head edition

The house guests on Invite Only Cabo surprise Bianca with a birthday cake

Kamani fell off her four-wheeler, and was taken away by ambulance, last week on Invite Only Cabo.

“No one can believe this is happening,” Agu says.

But she’s not dead. Just beat up and sore.

“I’m heavily medicated so have fun with me now,” Kamani says from her wheelchair.

Kamani tells the crew to go ahead and mess with her while she’s medicated

“You know I was thinking about my babies,” Kamani tells them when they get back to the villa.

Larry’s happy to see his friends can unite on something.

“Everybody is accommodating… all the issues have been put aside,” Kamani says.

That’s what she thinks.

The next morning, Emily jumps out of bed stark naked to help the invalid get dressed.

“I mean bless Emily’s heart. But please girl, put some clothes on,” Kamani says.

I agree. That was weird. Emily hanging over you naked would give anyone the creeps.

“There is weirdness in the air with Bianca and I,” Larry says.

Well duh. She basically proposed to him. #Awkward

Bianca’s birthday is the next day, and Larry wants to do something special to get things back to normal.

He’s thinking jewelry.

Malaku points out that she’ll take a ring as a promise.

But Larry isn’t listening to common sense.

“My intention in giving this ring to Bianca is saying I’m over it,” Larry explains.

That’s not how she’s going to take it.

“This is the wrong signal,” Malaku tells him.

“Bianca’s going to see that little black box and she’s going to think it’s an engagement ring,” Jermane says. “And she’s going to instantly go to baby names.”

If he doesn’t think he’s leading her on with this, he’s just an a**hole. #JustSaying

Kamani decides this is the perfect time to make another play for Agu while she’s got all the sympathy. But she doesn’t actually want to hook up with him.

“He just was in a room with Emily like two days ago… that just keeps running in my mind. Like you kissed Emily in the mouth,” Kamani says, making a face.

Jermane suggests a Z-pack. Bahaha! #TrueLife

Larry takes Bianca out alone the night before her birthday to make her feel special. Her outfit is terrible.

She thinks it means everything is all good again, but not the same way that he does.

This is painful to watch.

Larry’s boys are not pleased with the decisions he’s making.

“He bought the ring? He said he wasn’t going to do that,” Agu says.

“It’s been mixed messages,” Agu says.

Malaku seems most annoyed by Larry leading Bianca on.

Agu, Malaku and Jermane approach Larry together, as friends, to try to talk him out of giving Bianca the ring.

“We’re about to have a boys’ meeting,” Malaku says.

He tells Larry they don’t want him to give Bianca any gifts that night.

“I guess you gave her the wrong perception of what the relationship is really about,” Malaku says.

“Today could be this way, but in the future it could be this way,” he says.

“If I walked in and I didn’t know you, I’d think you two were a couple,” Agu agrees.

He tells Larry his actions do not match his words.

“In her brain, you’re her man,” Agu warns.

Agu warns Larry that he is messing with Bianca’s head

“You gotta either step in, or step out,” Jermane says.

Larry says she’s not going to think for a minute that it’s an engagement ring. But Agu says the box alone will set off those thoughts.

Larry tells the guys there’s somebody else that he’s in love with.

Larry tells his boys that he’s in love with someone, and it’s not Bianca

“And it’s the same person as before?” Malaku asks. “Someone on the East Coast.”

“I can’t. I won’t,” Jermane says. And he gets up and leaves.

He’s totally disgusted with his oldest buddy.

Everybody sees the explosion that’s coming except Larry. #Dumba**

Emily comes wandering into the kitchen with tacos – apparently, she’s raided production’s lunch.

Is she drunk all the time, or just skanky all the time?

“My feelings are growing stronger and stronger for Kamani every day,” Agu says. So he’s gotta start avoiding Emily.

Bianca’s birthday cake looks like the pile of poo emoji

Malaku makes a birthday cake for Bianca. But, the cake looks like a pile of poo.

“Happy Birthday honey,” Larry climbs in bed with Bianca to wake her up. Because everybody who is “just friends” does that, right?

Larry climbs in bed with Bianca for a birthday morning cuddle

At her birthday dinner later that night, Larry’s outfit isn’t the only offensive thing he brings to the table.

“We are stuck together for forever no matter what,” Larry toasts Bianca.

Cuz that’s not at all confusing.

“I have some news, I have to leave town tomorrow,” Larry says.

He’ll be back in two days. Who does that when he’s hosting the trip?

He asks Bianca to step away with him to give her the gift privately. He’s setting her up to think it’s a proposal.

The others watch from a distance and they’re not happy.

“We are always going to be in each other’s lives,” Larry says, and pulls out an unwrapped ring box.

“This forever bonds us for the rest of our lives,” Larry says.

Larry presents just-a-friend Bianca with a ring on Invite Only Cabo

Are you hearing yourself, dude???

Bianca is confused.

“Lord, you don’t do that to a woman,” Kamani says, watching horrified.

He put it on her middle finger, not the ring finger.

“This is a forever ring?” she asks.

“It’s a forever ring,” Larry confirms.

WTF is a “forever ring?” We call that a wedding ring where I’m from.

“Larry may have drunk too much of this funky water down here,” Agu says. He’s not happy.

“In sickness and in health,” Bianca tells everybody else when they admire the ring.

Oh boy.

“I feel like this is not going to end well,” Kamani says.

The next night, they go out to dinner without Larry.

Kamani calls her kids from the car on the way.

Kamani Facetimes her daughter and totally freaks her out

Why would you Facetime your kid in a cervical collar? Her kids are all upset, and it’s entirely her fault.

“Nobody misses Larry?” Bianca asks the group.


It’s an opportunity for the rest of them to get to know each other better.

They ask Bianca what Larry said when he pulled ring box out.

“Bianca is so confused right now because obviously there’s something unsaid between them,” Kamani says.

Malaku asks her point-blank if she’s confused.

She says she’s not. She seems to get that it’s not a proposal.

“So what were you guys thinking?” she asks.

Nobody can even look her in the eye. They all feel badly for her.

Then Jermane gets a text from Larry, and he reads it to the group.

“Be back tomorrow. I’ve got a friend coming with me so be ready to turn up,” he says.

Bianca thinks he’s bringing a girl.

“The thing is that I didn’t even know, and I know everything,” Bianca says.

“Who likes surprises at 40?” Jermane asks. He’s really irritated with their host.

The guys tell Bianca about Larry dropping the bomb about having another love interest.

She’s annoyed they didn’t find out who.

“Being on this trip is opening my eyes. I’m just seeing our relationship in another light. Maybe I’ve gone hard for the wrong person,” Bianca says.

Uh, yeah.

Next week, Larry brings a woman back to Cabo with him.

And Bianca and Emily get into a big fight.

And Emily’s boyfriend (whom she cheated on with Agu) shows up in Cabo, too.

That house is getting pretty crowded.

Things we’re left wondering

Who invites a bunch of friends to Cabo and then leaves for two days? That’s just rude rude rude.

What planet is Larry on if he thinks he hasn’t been leading Bianca on? #Shadypants

How totally evil is production to “surprise” Emily with a visit from her boyfriend? Totally defeats the spirit of the trip, and anyway, she cheated on him with Agu. Bad idea. This is called creating drama because they knew this show was a little boring.

Invite Only Cabo airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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