Invite Only Cabo recap: The Larry is messing with Bianca’s head edition

Kamani fell off her four-wheeler, and was taken away by ambulance, last week on Invite Only Cabo. “No one can believe this is happening,” Agu says. But she’s not dead. Just beat up and sore. “I’m heavily medicated so have fun with me now,” Kamani says from her wheelchair. “You know I was thinking about


Invite Only Cabo recap: The Larry isn’t having fun in Cabo edition

Invite Only Cabo picks up where the premiere left off, with Kamani stalking away from the table because of Emily’s trashy behavior, biting off her fake nails and spitting them on the restaurant’s carpet. “F**k you all, I’m done,” Emily says, and stalks out. Agu follows her. “Women don’t pop their f**king nails off at

Larry Sims: Who is celeb hair stylist and star of Invite Only Cabo?

Bravo’s newest reality series Invite Only Cabo stars celebrity hair stylist Larry Sims as he takes friends — who he normally doesn’t mix — on a joint vacation. But who is Larry and how did he make a name for himself in the hair industry? Larry is originally from Chicago and actually started out working as