Invite Only Cabo premiere: The Emily double-dips, licks her knife, and chews off her fake nails in a restaurant edition

Emily shows Larry her nails after she gets caught biting them off in a restaurant

Bravo’s new Invite Only Cabo tells the story of what happens when you invite all of your best friends who don’t know each other to go away on vacation with you.

And you make them share rooms.

Celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims has booked a mansion in Cabo and invited all of his best friends.

It’s his first vacation in five years, and he thought this would be a good idea?

Celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims invites all his besties on vacation together on Invite Only Cabo

They all think they’re his bff, and some of them will get competitive.

Bianca, a single mom, is excited to have Larry’s undivided attention for a number of days.

Jermane is a brand consultant. He grew up with Larry in Chicago.

“He’s my ride or die,” Jermane says.

“Jermane is my person I run everything by,” Larry says. “He’s one of my oldest and closest friends.”

Kamani and Larry both used to dance for Missy Elliott.

“I’m deathly single and ready to be tingled,” she says.

And Bianca’s not excited by the enthusiastic greeting Kamani receives from their host.

“Typical Bianca. She’s always jealous of any girl in Larry’s life,” Jermane says.

Agu considers himself Larry’s #1 wingman.

And he likes to run around naked.

Malaku was in a boy band with Larry.

They wanted to be the male version of TLC. It didn’t happen.

Last to arrive is Emily, a tall blonde white Australian chick who is really rough around the edges.

“I’m ready to party it up,” Emily says.

“Oh my God, it’s Emily,” Malaku says.

Malaku’s face when he finds out that Emily is one of the guests in Cabo

“I am terrified. The last experience I had from Emily, she ripped a shirt off a man at a dinner party,” Malaku says.

We quickly learn this is not an exaggeration.

“Where’s my shot, mother****er?” Emily demands as soon as she sees Larry.

“She brings it. She’s the life of the party all the time,” Larry says, excited to see her.

Jermane and Malaku have to share a room

Agu and Emily are roomies.

“Try to stay in your bed,” Larry tells Emily.

Kamani and Bianca are supposed to share, but Kamani isn’t up for it.

“Damn this girl is a piece of work. He didn’t have to bring any of us on this vacation with him,” Bianca says.

Larry tells Kamani to suck it up – there are no options.

“She seems like she’s going to be a TTB – tick tick boom,” Jermane says about Emily.

“I happen to be Scorpio. And I haven’t had sex in three days,” Emily is concerned she may jump on her roommate Agu.

“Two girls, one closet? Ugh,” Kamani says. #FirstWorldProblems

Production must be a using a lot of rooms because $20 says that’s more than a four bedroom villa.

They’re making them room together to increase the drama.

The last thing I expected on this show was an etiquette lesson… but it seems that Emily’s manners are so bad that the other guests can’t help themselves.

Emily grosses everybody out with her double-dipping as she makes guacamole, and coughs all over everybody’s food.

They cook up a pretty good-looking dinner with grilled lobster, corn, etc., then get up to some post-dinner shenanigans in the pool.

Larry and Bianca have a weird cuddle and private giggle in the hot tub that makes everyone else want to hide. #Awkward

And then Agu streaks through the house stark-a** naked.

Emily asks Bianca to switch rooms with her because she has a boyfriend, and she doesn’t trust herself not to hook up with Agu.

“Emily is a wrecking ball and Kamani is a diva,” Larry can’t imagine them rooming together.

“This puts everybody else in an uneasy space,” Larry tells her.

But he agrees to the room switch to keep the peace.

They get dressed up to go out.

Larry puts chopsticks in Bianca’s hair – this is a celebrity stylist? #JustSaying

This is how a celebrity stylist does his girlfriend Bianca’s hair to go out?

They head out to a club and hit the booze hard.

Makani and Agu get friendly, and he takes his shirt off while they’re dancing on the platform.

Who does that?

Bianca’s all over Larry, and he appears to reciprocate.

Then he gets friendly with a bunch of other women, too.

“Larry just kissed me and now he’s dancing with some other girls,” Bianca pouts.

In the car on the way home, Larry tells his boys that tonight is the night with Bianca.

They go home and make frozen pizza.

“How is Larry friends with this chick? She’s a freakin trainwreck,” Kamani says, watching Emily.

Kamani regrets agreeing to let Emily move into her room, especially when she finds out her new blonde bestie snores.

They sleep all day the next day, but then Larry’s the last one out of bed.

Agu has the hots for Kamani big time.

“She’s giving sideboob,” Agu says, all excited.

Like a 12-year-old boy. Seriously.

“You had a lot of attention from the ladies last night,” Bianca says, when Larry finally appears in the kitchen.

“They attacked me,” Larry says.

“Don’t kiss my man, girl,” Bianca jokes when Emily gives Larry a good morning peck on the cheek.

They head out to dinner together, and Emily’s manners are a problem again. But this time, they’re in public.

Emily double dips, coughs on food, licks a knife, and then starts chewing off her fake nails and throwing them on the carpet in the restaurant.

“There’s food on the table, and she’s popping off her nails,” Kamani says.

Larry is completely grossed out, too. And asks to see her nails.

She gives him the finger… without any nails left on her hands.

This Emily chick is seriously ghetto.

Larry says he was turned off by Emily at first, too.

Kamani says she’s like an alley cat that Larry felt sorry for and brought home.

“This is exactly why I keep my friends separated,” Larry says.

Who knew his friends would be such etiquette queens? Bahaha!

“At this point, it’s just unsanitary,” Kamani says.

And she gets up from the dinner table to leave, muttering “that’s so classless” as she goes.

Nobody can stop laughing.

Next week they do a photo shoot with Emily on the rocks. And they just shouldn’t have.

Interesting to note that this vacation-themed show was produced by the same folks who brought you Jersey Shore from 495 Productions.

Things we’re left wondering

Who is straight and who is gay? I’m just curious.

What kind of sadistic evil person makes adults share bedrooms on vacation without warning them ahead of time? Might affect your pajama choices, etc.

Did anybody else notice this show bumped Real Housewives of Potomac to a 10 pm timeslot? Yeah, me neither.

Invite Only Cabo airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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