Invite Only Cabo recap: The Emily and Agu can’t keep their hands off each other edition

Drunk Emily puts her head in Agu’s lap, and it leads to other things on Invite Only Cabo

Emily’s boyfriend surprised her on last week’s episode of Invite Only Cabo, and this week’s episode starts with her boyfriend having a cigar outside with Agu.

Because that’s not awkward at all, right?

“I feel so extremely guilty,” Emily says.

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Larry gives Emily and Joseph the master suite for the night.

“When you put this many people in a house for this period of time, temptation is everywhere. So for the remainder of this trip, I have officially strapped on my chastity belt. And it’s on lockdown,” Emily says.

Bianca and Larry are throwing all kinds of shade the minute Joseph leaves.

Both of them said they were really uncomfortable about the situation.

“Woohoo! Made it through guys. That was a scary 24 hours,” Emily tells everybody, after Joseph leaves.

“Just so we’re clear, I invited him prior to that,” Larry doesn’t want her to think he set her up.

They all go out for sushi that night.

At dinner, Agu and Kamani are tasting each other’s food, and Emily has to jump in the middle and feed Agu a bite of sushi. She’s looking for trouble.

Agu says sharing a cigar with Joseph was “awkward as f***.”

Emily and Kamani start arguing across the table.

Larry busts Agu for doing two chicks in the same house.

“Agu walks around here getting away with absolute murder,” Larry says.

Emily gets into it with Kamani across the dinner table.

“Calm your mother f***** voice down,” Kamani tells Emily, when things get heated.

“It’s because you did some s**t, period. Any broad that’s going to roll up into a man’s room,” Kamani start. Then she gets vicious and accuses Emily of sucking Agu’s d***.

Jermane and Malaku get up and leave the restaurant.

“I have had it up to here,” Jermane holds his hand up in the air.

“I’m about to fall out. No more talking about it,” Malaku tells them all when they return to the table.

“Agu to me is like family,” Emily says, because she doesn’t know when to stop.

“Don’t talk about family, baby. You don’t sleep with your brother, honey,” Kamani says. #Boom!

Emily gets up and leaves, slamming the door of the restaurant open so hard that the staff checks for breakage.

Larry says he hopes they’ll all get along once they get into a different environment. Because more alcohol at a club is definitely what these people need.

Invite Only Cabo: Kamani and Agu Get Close on the Dance Floor (Season 1, Episode 6) | Bravo

“Everybody’s having a great time except for Emily,” Larry says, at the club.

“She just starts chipping at those fingers nails,” Larry does a vicious impression of Emily chewing on her fingers and spitting her fake nails all over the floor of the club.

Emily chews off her fake nails, and spits them all over the club

But she’s really doing it. Ew.

Then Emily passes out in the car on the way home.

“She white boy drunk,” Jermane says.

They try to get her upright, and she gets bitter and nasty. She’s not a nice drunk.

Agu starts complaining about blue balls, as he climbs into the backseat with Emily.

She puts her head in his lap and appears to pass out.

Then he puts his hand up her skirt and starts groping her.

She’s wearing Spanx under her skirt, so the imagery isn’t so great. But when they get caught by Bianca, Emily giggles.

Agu put his hand up Emily’s skirt and gropes her in the back of the car

“Stop pretending you don’t want to pass out in his mother***** lap,” Larry says to Emily. But Emily really is THAT drunk.

Larry goes off on Agu and tells him that he’s the root of the problem.

“I can’t fix grown folks. Cut it the f*** out,” Larry says they’ve ruined his “trip of a lifetime.”

Invite Only Cabo: Agu Gets Caught With His Hand up Emily’s Skirt (Season 1, Episode 6) | Bravo

“I really feel bad for Kamani. She’s totally in the dark about what just happened. And I know when she finds out, she’ll be crushed,” Bianca says.

But nobody tells Kamani.

Kamani wakes up all excited for a “drama free” day on the beach. She bounces around waking up the girls. She even does Emily’s hair for her. Emily looks rough.

“These roots are hella bad,” Kamani says as she paints bleach on her.

“As far as Girl Code goes, I don’t feel guilty about Kamani,” Emily says it’s Kamani’s own fault that Agu is chasing her, because Kamani’s not putting out.

Emily would never be a good girlfriend.

And she doesn’t feel guilty having Kamani doing her hair because she really needs her roots done.

Everybody else is talking smack about Emily and Agu.

“If this was my vacation, somebody would have to immediately pack their bags and leave the house,” Jermane says.

Larry tells Agu he needs to tell Kamani.

They all head out to the beach.

Bianca sticks her nose in the middle and tells Agu that he needs to tell Kamani immediately.

“I wish the situation didn’t happen. But I have to be honest and let her know what happened,” Agu says.

Agu tells Kamani that his hand just went down Emily skirt, like he had nothing to do with it

So he takes Kamani aside, and without even trying to cushion it, tells her he was groping Emily, again.

“I got in the back. Her head ended up in her lap. And my hand kinda ended up down her skirt,” Agu says.

“Okay, we’re done with the conversation,” Kamani says. And she gets up and walks away.

Bianca goes with her, trying to get the 411, because she’s nosy as hell like that.

“I just really want to make it to the bathroom right now before I feel totally humiliated,” Kamani says.

“I didn’t deserve that,” she says, in tears.

“And I’m over here f***ing dyeing her roots this morning, like ‘I got you’ and Agu’s like ‘trust me, I got you,’ and all of this s**t,” Kamani is devastated.

When she finally comes out of the bathroom, she wants nothing to do with Agu. And he keeps trying to talk to her.

He can’t seem to leave her alone.

Emily’s pissed that she’s getting blamed for Agu groping her.

“You just threw everything that we had in the trash. Over a piece of trash,” Kamani says.

For God’s sake, Kamani. You met the guy a few days ago. Get over yourself. This woman is ridiculous.

They have to switch rooms because Kamani isn’t rooming with Emily anymore.

And now Emily has to room with Agu.

Nothing good will come of this.

Emily tells Bianca she thinks she should tell Joseph what’s up before she moves in with Agu.

It’s a sobbing meltdown.

“That I can’t be held accountable in my life anymore… I just can’t do any crazy s**t anymore. I’m just feeling so wrong and strong you know?” Emily says.

Actually, no. I have no idea what she means.

Next week, Larry reveals who his love interest is to the group. And she arrives in Cabo.

And Larry finally has a total meltdown and tells his friends they suck.

Things we’re left wondering

Now really, whose ideas was it to bring in Emily’s boyfriend mid-trip? I smell production at work trying to cause even more drama.

Why is Emily bleaching her roots on vacation? Who does that? Who travels with a box of Clairol in their bag?

How does Emily have all her fake nails back the next morning? Did this crew have a whole beauty team at their beck and call? Or does she have a whole case of fake press-on nails in her bag, along with her hair bleach?

Invite Only Cabo airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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