Invite Only Cabo recap: The Larry isn’t having fun in Cabo edition

Larry Sims with his guests Emily, Agu and Kamani headed out to the clubs on Invite Only Cabo

Invite Only Cabo picks up where the premiere left off, with Kamani stalking away from the table because of Emily’s trashy behavior, biting off her fake nails and spitting them on the restaurant’s carpet.

“F**k you all, I’m done,” Emily says, and stalks out.

Agu follows her.

“Women don’t pop their f**king nails off at dinner,” Agu tells her, very direct.
But he convinces her to go back to dinner.

Kamani says being around Emily is disgusting.

Larry Sims, the friend who invited all these egos to Cabo, says maybe Emily doesn’t know better.

Kamani tells Emily it’s all about her lack of hygiene.

“I feel like I’m as clean as it gets,” Emily says.

Alrighty then. Subject closed.

They all go out to a club.

Bianca does some flirting, and invites a random guy to a BBQ at the villa Larry rented.

What’s up with that?

Kamani runs and tattles to Larry that they guy had his hand on Bianca’s butt.

“I’m actually shocked right now,” Larry says.

Emily sits with Agu, and appears to be jerking him off right there in the club. Seriously. It’s pretty crude.

Malaku and Jermane bring some women back from the club with them, but Jermane goes to bed early while the others stay up and party.

Emily follow Agu in to his bedroom (the one she refused to stay in the day before) and flops on his bed. Then she coerces him into kissing her. Literally.

All with Bianca watching.

Bianca runs downstairs and reports it to everybody else.

Then Agu comes downstairs and tells everybody he’s going to bed.

Emily stumbles out of the house onto the deck, looking for Agu.

“Bae? Bae?” It’s sad to watch.

All the visitors are making fun of her with Malaku.

Emily finds Agu in his bed, and crawls in with him.

“The last thing I saw they were kissing,” Bianca reports to Larry.

“What??? No… are you serious? Wow,” Larry is shocked she’s willing to throw away her relationship “at her age.”

They all decide to crash the party and see what’s going on upstairs.

We see Emily take off her bra just before everybody busts in on them.

Clearly, Invite Only Cabo needs a smoosh room like Jersey Shore had. Sheesh!

“This is exactly why those relationships just don’t last,” Larry says.

“I feel like everybody needs to calm down. We were just cuddling. Emily’s a mean cuddling partner,” Agu says.

“I cannot understand what’s happening right now,” Larry says, as Agu comes down and snags some pizza to take back to bed.

Jermane missed it all, but Malaku fills him in at breakfast.

“Tick tick boom,” Malaku says.

“She’s in Agu’s bed,” Malaku tattles.

Emily wakes up and realizes she’s naked in Agu’s bed.

Bianca tells everybody that Emily was naked in Agu’s bed in her room all night long, but she slept in there anyway.

Emily denies anything happened. But she doesn’t actually remember.

“The cuddle went downtown. Like, let’s keep it 100,” Larry says.

“We were both drunk,” Agu says.

Larry grills him like they’re teenagers.

“Well, welcome to vacation in Cabo,” Larry laughs.

“The last thing I remember last night is just the club,” Emily says, when she finally wanders into the kitchen.

“I just needed a cuddle. It’s important for the soul,” Emily says.

She says she blacked out.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything but pass out. Did I?” Emily asks.

“I’m freaking mortified with myself,” Emily says in interview.

She doesn’t remember Malaku bringing friends back, or them all coming into the room to watch her with Agu.

How totally humiliating. Maybe don’t drink so much.

Kamani is a little jealous, because she was into Agu before he did Emily.

If she wants to get laid by somebody on this trip, she oughta stop running around the house looking like this!

“This vacation is the perfect opportunity to find out with Larry what exactly is our relationship,” Bianca says.

But then Larry confronts her about her flirting at the club the night before.

“Kamani said he grabbed your back, and then his hand went down to your ass, and you let it sit there,” Larry calls out Bianca in front of everybody while they’re in the gym working out.

Bianca denies it.

They bicker, and Malaku says he’s not sure why they’re both getting twisted about it if they’re just friends.

Bianca wants Kamani to mind her own business.

“It’s really none of her business what our relationship is,” Bianca says.

“You and I gotta talk,” Bianca says to Kamani.

“Me and Agu saw it,” Kamani says.

“When you want to act like a grownup and talk about it, we can talk,” Kamani says.

Kamani says she saw it with her own eyes, and calls Bianca out for running around talking about her.

Bianca goes and tattles to Larry about what Kamani said to her.

And she gives him s**t for giving her a hard time in front of everybody, instead of taking her aside.

He doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

“It’s kinda feeling like it’s becoming a circus,” Larry complains about how the trip is going.

Everybody goes to the beach, and it’s just Kamani in the kitchen when Agu comes down for breakfast.

He tries to talk to her and she blows him off.

He knows he screwed his chance with her. She is sooo not taking Emily’s sloppy seconds.

Everybody has fun on the beach, til Bianca gets snotty. And Larry calls her out.

Larry says she’s embarrassing him, and he’s not having fun.

“Let’s go back to the house. I don’t want to be around anybody who feels funny around me,” Larry says.

Next week, Bianca and Larry spend some time alone together in an effort to fix things between them.

Things we’re left wondering

Is Larry serious about a relationship with Bianca? And does he swing both ways?

What’s Emily’s major malfunction? She’s a total train wreck, a la Anna Nicole Smith style.

Does anybody else see this show as the best example ever of why you shouldn’t mix too many friends for more than a weekend?

Invite Only Cabo airs Sundays at 9/8 central on Bravo.

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