Inspiring partial paraplegic model on Botched has had nine breast surgeries

Meaghan was told she’d never walk again, but fought back. Now she fights to save her breasts

On tonight’s Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif meet inspiring partial paraplegic model Meaghan — who has had nine bungled breast surgeries in the past and is looking for help.

After a horrific car crash five years ago she was told she never would walk again.

However, she fought back hard with a rigorous exercise regime which brought back much of her spinal cord function.

She is now paralysed only from the ankles down, and is able to walk with the aid of stabilisers.

Dr. Dubrow says: “The fact that Meaghan recovered significant spinal cord function after essentially being a full paraplegic after her injury is truly extraordinary and probably only occurs in less than 1 per cent of patients.”

However, it is her breasts that she is now looking for help with after her nine previous surgeries which left her with bad scarring and an uneven bust.

The doctors examine Megan’s scarring left by her previous surgeries

Meaghan’s husband expresses his fears for her health as Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif examine her.

Dr. Dubrow is cautiously optimistic, but warns her that due to her history of multiple operations she is a difficult case for them.

Trying to manage her expectations, he says: “You are in a particular category of patients that is very scary for a plastic surgeon. Your tissue has had the heck beaten out of it.”

Dr. Paul Nassif says the potential for complications means Dr. Dubrow has his “work cut out”. The more surgeries someone has on soft tissue, the harder it is to get a good result.

Also tonight, the doctors meet a set of twins with differing problems while Dr. Nassif performs a rhinoplasty on a woman whose nose was compromised by a cleft palate deformity.

Botched airs on Sundays at 9/8c on E!

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