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Independent Lens paints intimate portrait of the Newtown community after the Sandy Hook killings

Independent Lens Sandy Hook
Independent Lens presents Newtown, a film by Kim A. Snyder about the impact of the Sandy Hook shootings

Independent Lens takes an intimate and often emotional look at the people of Newton and how they have dealt with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementry School.

It was on December 14, 2012, that 20-year-old Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he proceeded to shoot dead 20 young schoolchildren and six teachers.

Sandy Hook Elementary
Sandy Hook Elementary

This documentary by award-winning filmmaker Kim A . Snyder was shot over three years and takes a very personal look at those left behind, after the worst mass shooting of schoolchildren in U.S. history.

With unprecedented access to the victim’s families and those who survived the attack, the film includes testimony that has never been heard before and a gives a truly unique perspective on this tragic event.

A community grown closer in adversity
A community grown closer in the face of adversity

Talking to parents and siblings of children killed, teachers and first responders Newtown reveals the long lasting affect the shootings have had.

There is also hope and the community has come together to cope with and overcome their shared and incalculable grief.

A look behind the headlines at those who survived and who lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and partners.
A look behind the headlines at those who survived and who lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and partners

From parents keeping their murdered child memory alive by talking about him with their other children to events designed to pull the people that live in the area closer, the film is a testament to the character of these people and their community.

Independent Lens airs on Monday’s at 9:00 PM on PBS.

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