Charm City on Independent Lens PBS: Ride with Officer Monique Brown in exclusive preview

Tonight, PBS’s Independent Lens premieres the documentary Charm City which profiles the police, citizens, community leaders and city officials who are collaborating to end Baltimore’s rising tide of gun violence. The broadcast airs four years after the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, 2015. In our exclusive clip, we see and hear officer Monique

My Country No More exclusive on Independent Lens PBS: One woman fights Big Oil

On the upcoming PBS, My Country No More (Independent Lens) shows how one woman passionately fights against Big oil’s interests in a small town being usurped by the dollars and influence this brings. The impacts of North Dakota’s insanely active oil boom on a small town are shown writ large in a town council meeting

Orthodox Jewish preteen Naomi Kutin breaking world powerlifting record on Independent Lens

This week Independent Lens focusses on the extraordinary Orthodox Jewish girl Naomi Kutin, who has smashed world powerlifting records for her age. New Jersey native Kutin became a media sensation when at age ten she managed to lift 215 pounds, despite weighing just 97 pounds herself. Nicknamed ‘Supergirl’, Kutin This documentary follows Kutin over three years from age

Iraq War veteran with PTSD swaps the gun for the plough on Independent Lens

This week Independent Lens tells the story of an Iraq War veteran suffering from PTSD who has decided to become a farmer. In this documentary timed for Memorial Day, Independent Lens follows one veteran’s struggle to adapt to civilian life after the trauma of war has left him deeply scarred. These scars are the not the

Independent Lens investigates Kitty Genovese murder

This episode of Independent Lens looks at the shocking murder of Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed to death in Queens, New York City, whilst over 30 people watched and did nothing – or so it was reported at the time. The story in the newspaper was that 38 different people witnessed the murder of Kitty