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Drone strikes spotlighted as three former US soldiers break the silence on Independent Lens

Independent Lens Drone Strikes
Independent Lens examines the issues surrounding drone warfare on National Bird

Independent Lens takes a look at the impact drone warfare is having both on those targeted and the people operating these new battlefield tools.

In an episode titled National Bird, the show features interviews with three former soldiers involved in the drone program, a former intelligence officer and family of those directly affected by strikes.

Perhaps the most disturbing and interesting issue is the psychological impact on the operators. They are not allowed to talk to anyone about their work and that includes their psychologists, something that is surely bound to end badly one day.

The moral issues surrounding drone strikes have been the subject of several documentaries and they have proven to be controversial. The movie Eye in the Sky starring Helen Mirren also covers this very topic and highlights the many problems thrown up by this type of remote warfare.

Independent Lens airs Mondays at 10:00 PM on PBS.

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