Ice Road Truckers returns with Season 10 and it’s the most perilous ever

Ice Road Truckers Season 10 picture
Ice Road Truckers Season 10 takes place during the warmest winter on record

Ice Road Truckers is back on our screens tonight — for the most dangerous season yet.

Following the effects of the weather phenomenon known as El Niño, temperatures over the winter are some of the warmest on record meaning the ice is thin and the roads perilous.

As a result the authorities are opening the roads later than usual, and closing them later — pushing the drivers and their businesses to their limits as they try to fulfil deliveries in a much smaller window than usual.

The roads are the lifeline to Canada’s most remote communities, and without the Ice Road Truckers and the vital resources they bring these remote villages and camps would be essentially cut off and could struggle to survive the winter.

But can the truckers meet the required number of loads before the roads shut again?

As tensions rise the drivers put themselves and their trucks through all sorts of risks as they bid to meet deadlines, with “total devastation” on the roads.

Art Burke assesses the damage to his rig on the season 10 premiere of HISTORY'S "Ice Road Truckers"
Art Burke surveys his damaged rig after sliding off the road in tonight’s Ice Road Truckers premiere

Boss Mark Kohaykewych and his trucking company Polar are at risk of losing deals that have taken years to acquire, so they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.

Meanwhile Darren Ward and Lisa Kelly’s small firm risks total collapse as they struggle to deal with the shorter season.

Lisa Kelly fits snow chains to her rig’s tires in a bid to stay on the road

Watch the Season 10 trailer below to get a taste of the craziness to come.

Ice Road Truckers Season 10 trailer

Ice Road Truckers Season 10 premieres tonight at 10/9c on HISTORY.

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