Ice Road Truckers hits The Death Road and Steph gets a crash course

Ice Road Truckers Steph
Rough roads on tonight’s Ice Road Truckers as The Death Road awaits

On Ice Road Truckers tonight – Darrell and Lisa hit The Death Road and rookie Steph gets a crash course from Todd.

Todd helps out newbie Steph as she prepares for her first big challenge.

He’s clearly worried saying: “She’s a rookie with zero experience, a recipe for nothing but disaster.”

At one point she asks: “Says I did go through, how fast am I going through?”

Ice Road Truckers Steph
Ice Road Truckers and Steph tries not to show her nerves

Todd tells her: “You’re going to go through pretty quick. I know you’re nervous but we don’t got all day.”

Meantime Darrell and Lisa are Alberta bound on the look out for new business opportunities, on the way they encounter The Death Road.

Darrell has heard the road is pretty rough and when he gets on he says: “I can see how they call this the death road.”

Catch Ice Road Truckers tonight at 10 PM on History.

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