Ice Road Truckers: Chaos as drivers struggle in race against time

A still of the Polar truck dragging its trailer on Ice Road Truckers
Todd Dewey’s Polar truck dragging its trailer on tonight’s episode of Ice Road Truckers

On tonight’s Ice Road Truckers, it’s chaos on the roads as the drivers race against time to deliver their goods before the ice melts.

Darrell Ward — who was laid to rest at the weekend following the tragic plane crash which took his life last month — features in the episode, driving across a trail dubbed “the obstacle course”.

Meanwhile Todd Dewey gets into some hairy situations when his trailer slides around the road and a bridge of melting ice almost gets the better of him as he tries to clear it.

He says: “The one thing you can always be certain about up here, is that you can’t be certain of nothing. We still have lots of loads to deliver, and not enough time to do it in.”

Alex Debogorski — who recently told how his faith in God helps him face his perilous job — is also put to the ultimate test as he attempts to pull an extra-large fuel tank over thin ice.

He says as he drives slowly over the surface: “You can almost hear the sharks down there licking their chops.”

Also on the episode, a tow-wire snaps as a rescue is attempted and Art Burke hits a crossing over ice in the middle of the night.

Watch a preview for tonight’s Ice Road Truckers, titled Bridge to Nowhere, below.

Ice Road Truckers Season 10 Episode 6 preview

Ice Road Truckers airs Thursdays at 10/9c on History.

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