I Can See Your Voice: FOX producing American version of popular K-Variety music competition show hosted by Ken Jeong

I Can See Your Voice season six logo
I Can See Your Voice is one of the more popular music competition K-variety shows presently airing. The series is presented by Kim Jong-Kook, Leeteuk of Super Junior, and Yoo Se-Yoon. Pic credit: Mnet, Total Variety Network (tvN)

FOX is getting ready to remake another Korean hit when they take on I Can See Your Voice with host Ken Jeong.

Last year, American network FOX produced an American remake of one of Korea’s most popular variety shows, King of Mask Singer. The first season aired back in January and went on to become a critical success.

The American remake known simply as The Masked Singer went on to be aired for a second season with a third season to be aired next month in February 2020.

With the success of the initial American remake of a Korean show, FOX is moving onward in remaking another popular Korean variety show. They plan to have an American version of I Can See Your Voice with Ken Jeong hosting.

I Can See Your Voice on FOX

According to numerous Korean news outlets, FOX completed the pilot episode of the American remake of I Can See Your Voice (also known by the acronym ICSYV). In it, the show is hosted by Ken Jeong who happens to also be one of the judges in The Masked Singer.

Thankfully, the producers at FOX had guidance in their remake. Lee Sun-Young, the producer of the original series in Korea, has had a hand in each global remake of the show.

She participated in the recordings of the American remake in which she seems to confirm it is satisfactory to the standards of the original through the following statement:

“I can feel the global popularity of I Can See Your Voice growing every year.”

There is a lot of truth in I Can See Your Voice having global popularity as the American version is just the latest remake of the series in other countries outside of Korea. There are remakes of the show airing or have aired in Thailand, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, China, Vietnam, and more.

I Can See Your Voice has done exceptionally well in its Thailand remake. Since airing back in 2016, the series has surpassed over 200 episodes.

What is ICSYV all about?

For those who are unfamiliar with I Can See Your Voice, it is in the same genre as The Masked Singer in that it’s a music competition variety show.

The show features contestants who perform songs in which the panelists guess if the contestants are “good” or “bad.” Good singers are the ones who are singing live while bad singers are the ones lip-syncing.

The singers predicted to be “bad” are eliminated and proceed to show off if they are truly good or poor sounding in an entertaining performance. Ultimately, this concept does have a lot of potential in being good as Americans do love a good performance… or an entertainingly bad one.

In the first episode of the seventh season of I Can See Your Voice (Korean version), Maple Jamon performed Goodbye by Park Hyo-Shin. So it is known, he is the true singer (contestant who can really sing) of the episode.

Presently, there is no news of when the American remake of I Can See Your Voice will air. Until then, people interested can enjoy the first five seasons of the original Korean version for free, with ads, on OnDemandKorea.

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