Hunt for legendary potholes full of gold on Devil’s Canyon

Ben talking to the camera on Devil's Canyon with a waterfall behind him
Ben with a raging torrent behind him as he searches potholes for gold in Devil’s Canyon

We’ve all heard of pots of gold at the end of rainbows — but what about potholes filled with gold formed by a raging river?

On tonight’s Devil’s Canyon, daring prospector Ben van der Valk rappels down to deep holes formed in rock by a cascading torrent in the hope of uncovering legendary nuggets.

Last week, fellow prospector Boyce Goff, Jr. struck chunky gold nugget Nirvana in a natural stream where the precious metal had settled in the cushiony clay.

Tonight, Ben risks his life in the hope of a similar haul as he heads down the side of a rocky cliff with a waterfall raging behind him.

Ben rappelling down to a ledge next to a waterfall
Ben rappels down to the potholes with the waterfall close behind him

The rocks are ultra slippery as he holds on for dear life, getting to a landing area where he has spotted some river-formed potholes which he hopes are filled with gold nuggets.

In our exclusive clip, he spends time removing the top layer of debris and sluicing what’s underneath — and is about to give up after his hands go numb from cold.

But just as he’s about to leave he spots something in his pan, yelling: “Holy ****!”

Ben on the ledge looking at his gold pan, with a subtitle reading "And holy ****!"
Ben yells out after spotting something in his gold pan

Devil’s Canyon follows three gold prospectors — Ben, Boyce, and John Belcik — as they go on a perilous hunt for riches.

Their search takes them to a treacherous canyon in Canada’s British Columbia which has long been rumored to be cursed.

Devil’s Canyon airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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