Boyce risks freezing in the river for gold on Devil’s Canyon exclusive clip

On this week’s Devil’s Canyon, gold miner Boyce Goff risks his life in sub-freezing weather to venture into a fast-moving river in a bid to reach the other side. He’s convinced there is gold “over there.” Boyce says: “I’m gonna cross the river. I’ve got to do it soon. Wait too much longer and it’s

Hunt for legendary potholes full of gold on Devil’s Canyon

We’ve all heard of pots of gold at the end of rainbows — but what about potholes filled with gold formed by a raging river? On tonight’s Devil’s Canyon, daring prospector Ben van der Valk rappels down to deep holes formed in rock by a cascading torrent in the hope of uncovering legendary nuggets. Last

Boyce finds the chunky gold in clay riverbed on Devil’s Canyon exclusive clip

On Devil’s Canyon tonight, the thrill of finding gold in a natural stream is on display as Boyce Goff, Jr. explains the physics of gold settling and how clay cushions the descent into soil and riverbeds. In this exciting exclusive clip, Boyce sluices in a promising spot and finds amazing amounts of gold! In explaining his

Exclusive preview: Devil’s Canyon sees prospectors risk lives in perilous hunt for gold

Discovery launches new series Devil’s Canyon tonight — following three gold-prospectors who risk their lives in the hunt for unimaginable riches. The series sees Boyce Goff, Ben van der Valk and John Belcik searching for their fortunes in British Columbia, Canada, in a canyon which has long been rumored to be cursed. These real-life extreme miners bet everything on