How old is Mike on Survivor 2018? Age is no barrier as votes counted

Mike White on Survivor Season 37
Mike White on Survivor Season 37. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor votes from last night were intriguing — but fans were also captivated by another big question, just how old is Mike?

There are times on the show when Mike White appears much older than he actually is. The Hollywood guy is 47 years old, so he is older than the rest of the current cast.

However, his age seems more pronounced because the closest castaways to him in age, Kara Kay and Davie Rickenbacker, are 17 years his younger, with both of them 30 years old.

Despite his age, though, on the latest episode of the show Mike still made it to the final six castaways competing to win $1 million.

What were the Survivor votes from last night?

It was Christian who was voted off Survivor last night. This ended up happening on a night where two immunity idols were used.

Davie used his Hidden Immunity to protect himself, and then, fearing he might be the target, Nick used his Hidden Immunity as well. This discounted any votes they received at Tribal Council.

As for the Survivor votes from last night, the final seven castaways really split them up at the game-changing Tribal Council.

Davie and Christian voted for Alison. Mike and Alison voted for Davie. Kara, Angelina, and Nick voted for Christian. It was quite the display of voting, leading to a pretty shocking result.

The next episode of the show is going to be the 2018 Survivor finale. It’s three hours in total, with a two-hour episode followed by the Survivor: David vs Goliath Reunion Show.

When is the Season 37 finale? It’s on Wednesday, December 19. Mike White will be there, trying to win the show.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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