How old is Mike on Survivor 2018? Age is no barrier as votes counted

The Survivor votes from last night were intriguing — but fans were also captivated by another big question, just how old is Mike? There are times on the show when Mike White appears much older than he actually is. The Hollywood guy is 47 years old, so he is older than the rest of the

Who is Mike on Survivor 2018? The Goliath tribe member survives

Mike has been getting a lot of screen time lately on Survivor: David vs. Goliath, leading to many viewer questions about the reality TV competitor. During episodes 10 and 11 from Wednesday night, Mike became an important cog when it came to the voting. Mike, at 47 years old, is by far the oldest castaway remaining

Mike White on Survivor: Everything you need to know about the Amazing Race contestant

While Mike White may look like he belongs in the David tribe, the Survivor Season 37 contestant is undoubtedly a Goliath. White’s history as an Amazing Race contestant has already painted a target on his back. The 48-year-old did not do himself any favors by hunting for an idol so early in the competition either. One of his fellow Goliath tribe members mentioned