Who is Mike on Survivor 2018? The Goliath tribe member survives

Castaway Mike White from Survivor 2018
Castaway Mike White from Survivor 2018. Pic credit: CBS

Mike has been getting a lot of screen time lately on Survivor: David vs. Goliath, leading to many viewer questions about the reality TV competitor. During episodes 10 and 11 from Wednesday night, Mike became an important cog when it came to the voting.

Mike, at 47 years old, is by far the oldest castaway remaining on the show. When the David vs Goliath season got started, Mike was on the Goliath tribe, a vocal competitor who was more strategic than athletic during challenges. He survived the tribes getting reshuffled and then the big merge.

After the two castaways got voted off the latest installment of the show, Mike has made it to the final eight. He has a real shot at competing for one of the final spots this season.

Mike from Survivor 2018 has Hollywood experience

Before coming on the show, Mike White was best known for his work in Hollywood. That actually came up in the latest episode, where his acting talents may have been on full display.

Michael Christopher White is an actor, writer, and producer, who has helped create Dawson’s Creek, School of Rock, Enlightened, Orange County, and Year of the Dog.

Mike has noted in his one-on-one camera sessions during Survivor that his link to Hollywood may cost him votes if he makes it to the end. His goal is simply to make it as far on the show as he can.

Before becoming Mike from Survivor 2018, White also played on The Amazing Race with his dad Mel. After they finished in sixth place, Mike returned again to compete in the Unfinished Business season of the show. Now, he is hanging out with Jeff Probst on an island.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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