Mike White on Survivor: Everything you need to know about the Amazing Race contestant

Mike White bio Survivor
Mike White chats with his Goliath tribe on Survivor. Credit: CBS

While Mike White may look like he belongs in the David tribe, the Survivor Season 37 contestant is undoubtedly a Goliath. White’s history as an Amazing Race contestant has already painted a target on his back.

The 48-year-old did not do himself any favors by hunting for an idol so early in the competition either.

One of his fellow Goliath tribe members mentioned in the premiere episode that the American writer probably doesn’t need the $1 million reward for winning the series.

The Survivor contestant is an accomplished writer and producer. He is the co-creator, writer and actor in the HBO series Enlightened. He also has writing credits in several movies including School of Rock, The Emoji Movie and Pitch Perfect 3 and The Good Girl.

White was also the winner of an Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award for Chuck and Buck.

His knowledge of Survivor and experience in the Amazing Race will likely be an advantage in Season 37.

However, it is unclear whether Mike White will be able to overcome his notability as an acclaimed writer and Amazing Race alumni.

In the Survivor: David vs. Goliath premiere episode, Goliath won immunity and the David tribe had an injured key ally medically evacuated.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath Episode 2 is titled “The Chicken Has Flown the Coop” and airs on October, 3 on CBS.

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