Homeland Season 9 release date: could the series return on Netflix?

Claire Danes Homeland
Homeland ends with Season 8, could it return on Netflix? Pic credit: Showtime/YouTube

Showtime hit series Homeland has won six Emmys and five Golden Globes over its eight-season run. The series finale features a fast-forward in which Claire Danes lead character, Carrie Mathison is settling into her role as Saul Berenson’s new Russian asset replacing Anna Pomerantseva.

The end of the series leaves the possibility for a Season 9 of Homeland or maybe a one-off movie? The chapter has been closed on Homeland for now but there are many reasons why the popular series may return in the distant or near future.

Netflix has picked up series in the past; so with enough buzz, don’t be surprised if the series returns on a different platform.

Here is everything we know about the possibility of Homeland Season 9 and what we can expect.

Will there be Season 9 of Homeland?

Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa revealed his willingness to continue Homeland for the right offer. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, when asked about a hypothetical movie by a streaming service such as Netflix, Gansa revealed his interest but admitted that there are no current plans.

“As Howard [Gordon] has said, “never say never.” All of us are happy with where we ended the show and the series. Another chapter doesn’t feel necessary at the moment. But who knows what’s going to happen. Who knows what Claire and Mandy want to do. Who knows what Howard wants to do. We don’t know what that looks like. For now, it feels like closure.”

What would happen in Season 9 of Homeland?

Homeland is a series that was praised for reflecting real-world issues. With Carrie Mathison in Russia, there are endless themes mirroring US-Russia relations that the series could explore. The CIA operative could also return to the United States or return to the Middle East while maintaining her status as Saul’s Russian asset.
Carrie and her daughter Franny can also be a storyline as many fans feel that the relationship was unresolved in Season 8. Mathison made the decision to leave Franny behind in Season 7 after a custody battle with her sister.
In an interview with TV Line, Gansa revealed that a scene featuring Carrie and her daughter was cut from the finale due to budgeting issues and Claire’s objection. Claire reportedly felt that her character, Carrie’s decision to leave her daughter behind was a resolute one.
With the series concluding this year, a renewal will depend on what the main cast and showrunner have lined up. For now, Showtime’s Homeland has come to an end. You can stream all episodes of Homeland on Showtime Now.

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2 years ago

Here’s hoping that there will be a continuance, or spinoff …