Hoda Kotb fans are calling Jenna Bush Hager ‘crass’ for this thoughtless comment on Today

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager at different events
Hoda Kotb’s fans felt a comment by Jenna Bush Hager was ‘crass.’ Pic credit: ©

Fans love to see the chemistry between Hoda Kotb and the much younger Jenna Bush Hager together on the Today show’s fourth hour, Hoda & Jenna.

A recent interaction between the ladies has fans crying foul over something Jenna said to Hoda, causing unease.

Both ladies usually have an easy relationship since they have bonded with each other over their journey to motherhood.

Hoda has two wonderful daughters, Haley and Hope, whom she adopted and co-parents with her former partner.

Jenna has three children with her husband Henry: Mila, Poppy, and Hal, and she often shares her happy struggles with them today.

Another thing the two ladies have in common is cancer: Hoda had breast cancer, and Jenna has lost a family member to cancer. This commonality between them makes what Jenna did to Hoday seem cringeworthy, causing fans to speak out.

Jenna seems to make Hoda uncomfortable in a clip from the show

In a recent episode of Hoda & Jenna, Hoda had a wardrobe malfunction that caused Jenna to speak out about it.

In the clip, Hoda becomes increasingly uncomfortable as Jenna keeps speaking out about Hoda’s bra straps showing. In the dress that Hoda wore to the show, her straps show a bit, which causes her to admit that the next time she wears it, it will be with a jacket.

Jenna started to scold her by referencing Hoda’s age which is nearly sixty, and saying it is time to “Free your boobs.”

Jenna seemed to forget that Hoda had breast cancer and a double mastectomy, which means she is likely more self-conscious about her bosom than someone who has not experienced that.

Hoda has courageously shared about her cancer journey on Today in the past, even alongside Jenna. Fans thought it was wrong for Jenna to keep pestering Hoda about taking off her brassiere and freeing herself while wearing that dress.

A flustered Hoda says, “OK, OK, I can’t. I can’t anyway, and such,” as Jenna keeps trying to take it off Hoda herself in a thoughtless way.

Fans did not like how Jenna seemed to make Hoda feel

Fans took Jenna to task on Instagram over the ordeal she put Hoda in during the clip.

One fan took Jenna to task over her words, saying, “I believe it was crass of you to interrupt Hoda and make a public comment on TV regarding her bra strap visible to you…To do so is crass and disrespectful.”

Another fan said of Jenna, “She gaslights Hoda regularly & has no filter-some things should remain an ‘inside thought.'” Another fan felt that Jenna should have remained quiet over the wardrobe malfunction.

Fans comment about Jenna Hager Bush
Pic credit: @hodaandjenna/Instagram

Another fan reminded everyone of Hoda’s cancer. It said, “Perhaps Jenna is so unaware of others (to put it kindly) that she forgot that Hoda has had breast cancer surgery and maybe a bit self-conscious about that part of her body.”

Fans comment about Jenna Hager Bush
Pic credit: @hodaandjenna/Instagram

One can only hope that Jenna privately apologized to Hoda for her faux pas as soon as she realized what she had done to her friend live on air.

Today’s Hoda & Jenna airs on weekdays on NBC.

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