History Channel’s Vikings Season 6, Episode 5 recap: Ivar the Boneless gets a surprise visit

Alex Hogh Andersen stars as Ivar the Boneless
Alex Hogh Andersen stars as Ivar the Boneless. Pic credit: Jonathan Hession

Episode 5 of History Channel’s Vikings Season 6 opens with Olaf the Stout (Steven Berkoff) greeting fellow kings and earls as they gather to vote on who will become the king of all Norway.

Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) is doing the thing where he sucks up to everyone, and it all certainly seems to be going in his favor.

And, when a certain female leader turns up, Bjorn also gets his manw***e on once more and I am sighing at just how predictable he is when it comes to the ladies.

While all of this is going on, King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) seems to be taking the sneaky sideways approach to gather votes for himself rather than drumming up business for Bjorn and chatting quietly to those who appear to have already sided with Ironside.

Kjetill Flatnose (Adam Copeland) continues to creep around in the background and notices everything without really ‘fessing up to his true intentions to anyone.

When the vote finally occurs in the latest episode of Vikings, Harald does vote for Bjorn. However, the episode concludes before the real damage of his sneaking can be seen, and viewers will have to wait another week to find out more. However, Business Insider is already predicting that things will not go according to Olaf’s plan.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha and Ragga Ragnars as Gunnhild
Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha and Ragga Ragnars as Gunnhild. Pic credit: Jonathan Hession/History Channel

Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) arrives at Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) village and discovers the devastating news regarding Torvi’s (Georgia Hirst) son, Hali (Ryan Henson). Lagertha is elbow-deep in getting the village prepared for another attack, so Gunnhill and her crew quickly jump in to help. All the shieldmaidens — past and present — then get together for a singalong, and things are oh so happy.

Which means it will all likely go to sh*t in next week’s episode of Vikings.

In Kattegat, Hvitserk (Marco Ilso) continues to freak out with all of his memories of Thora (Eve Connolly) and his brother, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen).

This story is starting to drag, and I wish Hvitserk would do something other than getting drunk and eat shrooms. However, by the end of the episode, viewers know that Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) knows about where Ivar is, and Hvitserk has seen a monster version of Ivar.

So, hopefully, this will be some sort of a catalyst in next week’s episode of Vikings to get Hvitserk sober and heading down the Silk Road towards his brother.

Danila Kozlovsky as Prince Oleg and Alicia Agneson as Princess Katia
Danila Kozlovsky as Prince Oleg and Alicia Agneson as Princess Katia. Pic credit: Jonathan Hession

As for Ivar, he has managed to get Prince Igor (Oran Glynn O’Donovan) on the side, and they use a naked lady as a decoy to sneak Prince Dir (Lenn Kudrjawizki) out of his cage and return him to his family. Well, the family that isn’t trying to f*ck him up, anyway.

The guards who got distracted get killed by Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) for their insolence, and I have no idea whether he knows that Ivar and Igor were involved yet and is just messing with them or if they managed to sneak under the radar this time.

Then, Oleg throws a surprise betrothal into the works and announces that he will be marrying Princess Katia(Alicia Agneson). This is all good and well, but Katya is a doppelganger for Ivar’s dead wife, Freydis, and now he is freaking the f*ck out about what’s going on.

Because everyone in Rus is paranoid, no matter how long they have been there.

Ivar is convinced enough that Katia is Freydis that he has a quiet chat with her, and it looks like Katya is ready to play the long game regarding messing with Ivar’s head for no other reason than she can.

Vikings returns to History Channel with Episode 6, titled “Death and the Serpent,” on Wednesday, January 8 at 10/9c.

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