History Channel’s ‘Knightfall’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Landry battles King Philip as Princess Isabella develops her own deception

History Channel's 'Knightfall' Season 2, Episode 6, Blood Drenched Stone, Clair Cooper as Sister Anne, Simon Merrells as Tancrede, and Tom Cullen as Landry
Clair Cooper as Sister Anne, Simon Merrells as Tancrede, and Tom Cullen as Landry. Pic credit: HBO / Larry Horricks

Welcome to the recap for Episode 6 of History Channel’s Knightfall Season 2. Battles abound as King Philip is determined to exact revenge against the man who didn’t murder his wife.

The Templars are faced with a decision

At the end of Episode 5 of Knightfall Season 2, the Templars watched King Philip’s (Ed Stoppard) army approach. In Episode 6, Philip sends the Pope (Stephen Fewell) into Chartres Temple in a semblance of doing the right thing.

The Pope issues the charges against the Templars and lies through his a*s about how the Templars will be treated well if they surrender. They will even get a holy inquisition. To be honest, I am totally surprised that the Pope didn’t just burst into flames at this point.

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And, maybe that’s why Grand Master Molay (Matthew Marsh) agrees to offer himself up to stand trial. Although, he also adds out that the charges of things such as kissing, spitting on the cross, and witchcraft are totally unfounded so the Lord will look out for them.

However, he must have some doubt because he allows the other Templars to make up their own minds regarding the Pope’s bullsh*t. This results in a small group leaving with Molay and a much larger group staying behind with Landry (Tom Cullen).

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 6, Blood Drenched Stone, Ed Stoppard stars as King Philip
Ed Stoppard stars as King Philip. Pic credit: History Channel / Larry Horricks

The battle begins

As soon as King Philip realizes that Landry has stayed behind in the Chartres Temple he cracks the sh*ts and the battle begins. With his smug face on, it’s not long before he uses his bombs to blow up the gates of the Chartres Temple.

The Templars are initially rattled but band together and manage to shoot a lit arrow into a cart of black powder.

The first point actually goes to the Templars.

Although, when Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) turns up, Gawain (Pádraic Delaney) says they have come to a draw so far and they are now devising another way to enter the Temple.

This method involves building a really big siege tower.

This would totally work too, except that they have to build it in plain sight. This gives Landry a chance to gather a group and sneak into King Philip’s camp at night to burn that sucker down.

Grand Master Molay makes the wrong decision

Viewers knew this already. However, this is confirmed in Episode 6 of Knightfall Season 2 when one of the Templars is taken captive during the night raid on the siege tower. He sees Molay without his fingernails and immediately gives up the location of the Chartres Temple secret sally port.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 6, Blood Drenched Stone, Tom Forbes stars as Prince Louis
Tom Forbes stars as Prince Louis. Pic credit: History Channel / Larry Horricks

Prince Louis sets up his board game

Prince Louis lies to his father about killing Eve. Philip is totally impressed at the news of the death of Queen Joan’s (Olivia Ross) daughter to Landry.

Louis rants about Landry. Saying that Landry told lies about King Philip and you can see that the king is rattled a little at first before Louis really gets into his tirade groove.

Louis finishes up by saying that the wrench that murdered his mother will pay. Well played Louis. Philip has no idea that he is about to be f*cked over by his own son.

While Den of Geek suggested in last week’s episode of Knightfall that Landry really should have killed Louis when he had the chance, I think there is an interesting story to tell now.

The battle continues

Now that King Philip knows where the sally port is, he can blow that sucker up with his remaining black powder. Which means that the battle now takes place inside the Chartres Temple, the one thing the Templars didn’t want. They have plenty of food to sit out a siege but not really enough men to fight Philip’s army.

However, they have no choice and a battle ensues in this episode of Knightfall.

Landry sees King Philip when he arrives in the fray and crash tackles him. Hand to hand combat ensues as Prince Louis also battles his way towards the pair.

Landry almost gets the upper hand but Louis arrives just in time to prevent him from killing King Philip.

While it seems like Louis wants to “accidentally” kill his father during the confusion of battle. Philip manages to get the upper hand and his sword to Landry’s throat quickly stops the Templars from battling. They all drop their weapons — much to Landry’s disgust. Viewers will now have to tune into Episode 7 of Knightfall Season 2 to find out Landry’s fate.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 6, Blood Drenched Stone, Tom Cullen stars as Landry
Tom Cullen stars as Landry. Pic credit: History Channel / Larry Horricks

Eve gets whisked away

Before the second battle can really get underway, Landry sends Sister Anne (Clair Cooper) away with Eve in order to keep her safe. Little do they know, though, that Philip thinks the child is dead now so they needn’t panic too much. Although, being out of the Temple is certainly a good idea.

History Channel's 'Knightfall,' Season 2, Episode 6, Blood Drenched Stone, Genevieve Gaunt as Princess Isabella and Clementine Nicholson as Princess Margaret
Genevieve Gaunt as Princess Isabella and Clementine Nicholson as Princess Margaret. Pic credit: History Channel / Larry Horricks

The plots thicken

While King Philip continues to fight the Templars, his daughter, Princess Isabella (Genevieve Gaunt) is organizing a most excellent plan.

By excellent, I mean deceptive. And by plan, I mean plot.

She throws Princess Margaret (Clementine Nicholson) a fancy lunch of coq au vin in her own chambers.

Isabella then makes so many puns about cocks and wine that I am sure Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) from Game of Thrones would be impressed.

Two hotties then turn up and Isabella claims that Margaret’s chambers are the safest place for Isabella to have her threesome. Margaret is okay with this plan but then passes out from the drugs put in her wine by Isabella.

So, Isabella is conspiring against her brother’s wife. And here I was thinking that the threesome was going to become a foursome. Damn!

When Isabella is finished up, she leaves well before Margaret’s handmaiden turns up to bust a naked Margaret in bed while the two hotties get dressed.

This news is going to be all over the castle before long, you can just tell!

But, that’s not where the plot finishes. Isabella gives the hotties matching rings and sends them off to the port to catch a boat.

Still, that’s not the end.

Oh no, Isabella is not leaving any threads dangling and cuts down those two hotties before they even have a chance to call her a b*tch.

Tom Cullen stars as Landry in History Channel's Knightfall
Tom Cullen stars as Landry in History Channel’s Knightfall. Pic credit: History Channel / Larry Horricks

Landry’s Sin-O-Meter

On a scale of Talus to DeNogaret, let’s see how Landry went this week!

1 out of 5. Landry is much too busy to be worrying about sinning against his vows to God at this point in time in Knightfall. However, considering he went against the Pope’s request of surrender, he is going to have to lose a point.

Even though we all know the Pope is merely a mouthpiece for King Philip, Landry still went against the Templar order by refusing the Pope, who is the head of their faith before God.

Knightfall returns to the History Channel with Episode 7 (titled “Death awaits”) on Monday, May 6 at 10 p.m. History Channel lists the following synopsis for this episode.

“Friday the 13th. Captured and brought back to Paris, the Knights Templar must stand trial for heresy.”

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