Hallmark’s Lacey Chabert finds laughter and tears in Sweet Carolina

Tyler Hynes and Lacey Chabert on set
Tyler Hynes and Lacey Chabert. Pic. Credit: Crown Media/ Allister Foster

Hallmark sweetheart Lacey Chabert is eager to make us laugh and cry in the bittersweet new movie, “Sweet Carolina.”

After starring in 17 holiday-themed Hallmark movies, she is now expanding her role as star, writer, and executive producer of the original new movie about love, loss, and healing premiering on Saturday, May 15.

The movie also reunited Chabert and leading man Tyler Hynes, with whom she has starred in Hallmark favorites, Winter in Vail, and most recently, It Was Always You.

The movie begins with New York marketing executive Josie (Lacey Chabert) hearing that her beloved sister/best friend (Christine Chatelain), and brother-in-law (Jason Tremblay), were killed in an accident, causing Josie to rush to her small hometown of New Hope, North Carolina to be with her family.

She also sees that each family member is reacting differently to the tremendous loss.

In the midst of grieving, it is revealed that Josie has been named the guardian of her sister’s two children, Delilah (Cassidy Nugent) and Ben (Glen Gordon), which affects the family dynamic.

Josie’s father (Gregory Harrison of Chesapeake Shores) and mother (Teryl Rothery of When Calls The Heart) feel it’s best for everyone if the kids stay with them – after all, Josie has a successful life to return to in New York.

Josie wants to honor her sister’s wishes but doesn’t know if she’s ready for the challenges of instant motherhood, especially as the family deals with their loss. Josie can’t help but reflect on her past, especially when she runs into her ex-boyfriend from high school, Cooper (Hynes), who is also the kids’ basketball coach.

Tyler Hynes plays former high school boyfriend who helps the family mend after the loss

Cooper is not only Josie’s old flame, but he is also the kids’ basketball coach. With Cooper’s help, Josie and her grieving family adjust to a new normal, they learn that the best families don’t always get it right, but if they lean on each other, their hearts will learn to laugh and love again.

Peter Benson directed from a script by Jonathan Prince and Michael Reisz, and the movie is based on a story by Lacey Chabert and Jonathan Prince.

Not only is Chabert thrilled to have acted in this uplifting movie, but she has said this is the first time she has been a “creator” of a project for the network. This movie certainly enforces Lacey’s goal for every Hallmark movie, which is “to bring a little light into the world.”

Since Hallmark often hires the same actors for several movies, Chabert is on the list of the most prolific Hallmark actors.

Lacey Chabert writes and executive produces Sweet Carolina

Chabert says that while Sweet Carolina is a tragic story, she still hopes to bring out the “healing, hope and togetherness” in the memorable story, and she hopes that people will see aspects of themselves in the characters.

Hynes and Chabert complement one another’s acting styles. She loves working with him because she can be vulnerable, and he says she is sincere in her emotion, which always leads to a powerful performance.

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Hallmark Channel’s Sweet Carolina premieres on Saturday, May 15, at 9 p.m. ET.

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