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Haim to provide soundtrack for upcoming Netflix musical The Witch Boy

Image of the band Haim
Haim to provide soundtrack for the upcoming Netflix musical The Witch Boy. Pic credit: © Press Agency

It was announced that the stylish pop-rock band Haim will be composing the music for Netflix’s upcoming project The Witch Boy.

Who is Haim? 

The award-winning band Haim rapidly rose to popularity in 2013 after the debut of their studio album, Days Are Gone, and their musical appearance on the American sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live. The band is composed of three sisters — Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim. 

Haim’s music tends to favor the soft rock genre but they are not afraid to get experimental and graze other genres like pop, techno, and R&B. 

In an interview with Variety, bandmate Danielle Haim addressed the band’s musical influences. 

“Kate Bush, when I listen to her stuff, it still sounds next level, and her love of production is so inspiring. We were super-inspired by her and more late ‘80s sounds with our first album. Maybe on our last album, we were a little bit more into kind of a dryer ‘70s kind of sound.


In addition to their three headlining tours, the band has gone on tour with popular artists like Florence and the Machine, The Killers, and Taylor Swift. 

Haim’s eclectic musical taste will be a perfect fit for this new career endeavor. They have proven their ability to create an array of different musical stylings in order to convey different emotions— a must-need for a successful television soundtrack

What is The Witch Boy? 

Netflix’s upcoming animated musical, The Witch Boy is based on a graphic novel with the same name by Molly Ostertag

The movie is going to be directed by Oscar-winner Minkyu Lee who is best known for his work on Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen. Adapting the script will be Maria Melnik (Escape Room, Counterpart).

The Witch Boy’s plot, as stated on IMDb:

In a magical community where girls are born to be witches and boys grow into shapeshifters, Aster discovers he has emerging witch powers.


Diversity in The Witch Boy 

The Witch Boy will be a brilliant display of diversity by Netflix and director Lee. Ostertag’s graphic novel explores transgender identity and queerness, challenging the status quo of gender and sexuality. 

In a released statement, Lee shared, “My hope is that this film, by celebrating queerness and ‘otherness,’ will come to audiences around the world as something truly special.” 

The Witch Boy does not have an expected release date but is expected to stream exclusively on Netflix.

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