Grey’s Anatomy Season 17, Episode 4 recap: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Mer sits with George, Bailey, and Richard
Meredith’s COVID dream includes a meeting of four original Grey’s Anatomy cast members. Pic credit: ABC

On Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith sank deeper into a COVID-19-induced dream that brought her close to another dead person.

After seeing Derek earlier in the season, during Season 17, Episode 4, the pandemic-stricken doctor ran into George O’Malley on the same beach on which her late husband had been spotted the past two weeks in a row.

A clinical trial for Mer on Greys Anatomy

Back at Grey Sloan Memorial during the episode called You’ll Never Walk Alone, Richard was presented with the possibility that Mer could be included in a clinical trial. As her power-of-attorney, the Chief needed to make a quick decision for the sake of his patient and a woman who he had known since she was a little girl.

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In the episode called You’ll Never Walk Alone, Meredith was getting worse after being diagnosed with COVID-19. She was sweating profusely and Richard couldn’t wake her.

While he pondered what to do, other members of the surgical staff were facing quandaries of their own.

Koracick was seen via Zoom since he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He believed he had received a false positive and demanded another test.

Taryn arrived at his home to collect the surgeon’s test sample when she noticed a video game called Zombie Apocopalyse was reading on his computer. She played, too, but he wasn’t interested in her pastimes. Instead, he was intent on curing COVID-19 by using elements of the game to figure out how.

During the second round of testing, Koraick’s sample once again came back positive.

Meanwhile, he had given up on the world, telling the intern he was forced to blow it up to get rid of the disease.

He was feeling its effects and it wasn’t pretty.

Jo and Jackson turn to each other on Grey’s Anatomy

Jo and Jackson had hooked up once but when she went back for more, he said he was not interested in having a relationship.

She laughed this off, stating that she was certainly not there for that, especially after being ghosted by her husband, who had quickly moved on with another woman.

That said, the pair made love again but just as friends with benefits during this time of crisis when sex buddies were a thing.

Maggie meets Winston’s parents on Grey’s Anatomy

Also in the episode, Maggie met Winston’s mother on her birthday during a virtual date.

However, that date had problems when Winston’s dad unexpectantly Zoomed in, too.

Father and son exchanged words and Winston left the session, leaving Maggie hanging with her folks without explanation.

Talk about uncomfortable.

At home, Amelia was acting like, well, Amelia. She did not understand how Link could be so calm and carefree while her sister’s life hung in the balance.

However, Link explained to the mother of his child that he decided a long time ago, when he had cancer, that he could only deal with hard times by finding positive ways to express himself. Negativity wasn’t in his nature.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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