Ghost Hunters investigate the Cleveland Torso Murderer

Ghost Hunters
The Ghost Hunters are back on Syfy for an all-new season of paranormal investigations

Ghost Hunters returns tonight on Syfy for what will be the 11th and final season and look into the Cleveland Torso Murderer.

Tonight the team head over to Cleveland and investigate the Midwest Railway Preservation Society‘s historic rail yard — but don’t expect Thomas the Tank.

Instead the Ghost Hunters uncover details of the Cleveland Torso Murderer serial killer and some horrible accidents.

Ghost Hunters investigte the Cleveland Torso Murderer
The death mask display relating to the Torso Murderer at Cleveland Police Museum

The Cleveland Torso Murderer is thought to have killed and dismembers 12 people during the 1930s. The victims were usually cut up and always beheaded.

Some males were castrated and sometimes even the torso was cut in half.  The bloody handed serial killer was never caught…

“Hello? Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?”

Yes, the team are back for a final season and there are more badly lit locations and spooky goings on than you can shake a PKE Meter at.

Each week Jason Hawes takes his elite team of paranormal investigators to different parts of the USA. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) look into every rumor of unexplained and possible activity they can find.

Jason, a plumber by trade, helped create TAPS after he had a paranormal experience.

His team include lead investigator and former cop Steve Gonsalves and Jason’s daughter Samantha. Her most vivid experience was an apparition that actually mimicked her father!

If there is a knocking in your attic, a chill in a room or feeling of dread in a house — these are the guys you’re gonna call.

Catch Ghost Hunters tonight at 9/8c on Syfy.

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