Ghost Hunters investigate an armory where one spirit has a short fuse

Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters visit an old armory where things are literally going bump in the night

Tonight on Ghost Hunters — the TAPS team heads to a century old armory where one spirit seems to have a short fuse.

The show follows Jason Hawes and his team from The Atlantic Paranormal Society as they cross the country looking into paranormal activity.

This episode, called Ghost Guards, they begin their investigation in the office area.

Dustin tells them he spotted something earlier when he was setting up the equipment.

They go further into the spooky building, asking out loud if there is anyone there, before asking any presence if it previously worked in the office and why it knocked over all the flags.

Jason asks: “Did they upset you when they were talking about you? Did you try to let them know you’re here? Is that why the flags got knocked down?”

Then suddenly a door closes, seemingly by itself!

Ghost Hunters Armory
The sounds lead them upstairs where, after a few seconds of deadly quiet, they hear footsteps

They go through and hear another door closing, not with a bang but just like someone had closed it normally. The sounds lead them upstairs, through a cordon.

One of their theories is that a woman recently taking over has led to a long-dead employee being outraged. It seems this ghost is fine with smashing things up, but not with glass ceilings.

Then as they wait in silence waiting for the next door closing, they hear footsteps…tune in tonight to find out what they uncover.

Last week the team were investigating the Cleveland Torso Murderer and a very creepy old rail yard. You can watch a clip from that below.

Next week it is back to Mt. Washington.

Catch Ghost Hunters – Ghost Guards at 9pm on Syfy.

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