Ghost Hunters finds there are plenty of fighting spirits at Varnum Armory

Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters visit the Varnum Armory in East Greenwich

Tonight on Ghost Hunters the TAPS team head to Varnum Armory in East Greenwich, RI.

This place houses many artefacts with a very violent past and since renovations started there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity.

The team move through the building asking if any veterans are present and if so what era they might be from.

They also hear from a witness who tells them she could feel a hand, “it was just intense” she says.

The armory is named after Major General James Mitchell Varnum, who commanded one of George Washington’s Continental Army Brigades.

Varnum Continentals are the organisation that looks after and promote all things to do with the American Revolution.

Varnum House Museum
Varnum House Museum

The Varnum Memorial Armory was built in in 1913 and the Continentals later bought General Varnum’s former home at Peirce Street.

It was built by Varnun in 1773 and has had some very important guests.

The Armory itself has a vast collection ranging from the revolution through to the 20th century, they even have a fully functional 1883 Gatling gun!

Tune in to Ghost Hunters tonight at 10 PM on Syfy.

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