Ghost Adventures under the spell of witches in Magna, Utah

Ghost Adventures
The team are left terrified as things get violent on Ghost Adventures

This week the Ghost Adventures team leave the Navajo Nation lands behind and head to Magna, Utah, where a family are having trouble with witches.

Zak Bagans and the crew are headed north as they leave the skinwalkers of New Mexico and head to Utah where a pizzeria is having a spell of trouble.

This family-run business has been experiencing some very strange paranormal activity and we’re not talking about a few burnt pizzas.

The family are now worried about their safety and they hope Zak and the Ghost Adventures squad can help them resolve the issue.

Magna, Utah, where a witch is causing problems
Magna, Utah, where a witch is causing problems

However, witches are a tricky matter and a hex can be a powerful thing to those who believe in it.

The trail leads Zak into the basement where they decide to go through a full lockdown. During the night they draw out something dark and angry, with the threat of violence in the charged atmosphere.

Exploding lightbulbs send the boys into a bit of a panic and you can hear the fear in Zak’s voice!

Salt Lake City and the surrounding area does have a thriving pagan and witch community, but nothing dark like the events going on in the pizzeria.

Will Zak be able to undo this spell and the let the family get back to making good pizza?

Ghost Adventures airs on Saturdays at 9/8c on Travel Channel. 

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