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Ghost Adventures suspects demons at San Haven Sanatorium in North Dakota

Ghost Adventures the team head to the San Haven Sanatorium in North Dakota
Ghost Adventures visit the creepy San Haven Sanatorium

This week on Ghost Adventures the team head to the San Haven Sanatorium in North Dakota.

The Sanatorium treated those suffering from tuberculous, that until relatively recently was often fatal. As a result, over 1000 people died at the institution and Zak hopes that the team can help some of them be at peace.

However, not all the deaths were peaceful and one part of the complex reeks of evil. According to Zak a woman and her family were attacked by some sort of demonic force, that actually followed them home and helped to wreck their family.

Will they be able to find the source of this evil and put a stop to it?

Watch Ghost Adventures – Dakota’s Sanatorium of Death at 9 PM on Travel Channel.

James Wray

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