Ghost Adventures investigates satan worship and demonic attacks on Goatman’s Bridge

Ghost Adventures goatman's bridge
Ghost Adventures investigates Goatman’s Bridge in Texas, where a demonic satyr is said to lurk

This week on Ghost Adventures, the team head to Denton, Texas, where a demonic satyr lurks near Goatman’s Bridge.

Goatman’s Bridge has a dark reputation with four different women attacked by a seemingly demonic force. Also known as Old Alton Bridge, it was built in 1884 and get its name from a from legend of  a satyr that is said to lurks in the woods. It is this demonic creature that is reported to have attacked the women.

However, the satyr is not the only reported paranormal activity in the vicinity. There are plenty of other rumors surround the bridge and the team chat with local Lisa Olive to find out more.

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Lisa says the woods near the bridge have a different feel to them than the surrounding area. A tingly feel that gets quite spooky when the sun goes down. She reckons you can hear the spirits themselves and the atmosphere is sometimes friendly and happy but at other times deeply hostile.

She also recounts a tragic event happened at the bridge, an old caretaker told her that when he was at school one time they met a man on the bridge and said hello.

However, later they heard a shot and found the man hat committed suicide with a gun in the middle of the bridge.

Also on this episode, Zak and the team investigate tales of satan worship!

Catch Ghost Adventures Goatman’s Bridge at 9 PM on Travel Channel.

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