Ghost Adventures investigates men in black at Stardust Ranch

Stardust Ranch
Ghost Adventures: Stardust Ranch where John Edmunds claims to have seen many strange things

Tonight on Ghost Adventures the team investigate tales of aliens and men in black around Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley, Arizona.

John Edmunds, who is an animal welfare advocate and also hosts the Adventures into the Strange radio show, claims to have been visited by aliens many times.

What really interests the team are the other visitors who were attracted by his reports…

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They ask Edmunds: “Has the government ever pulled up on your porch in those SUVs and grabbed your ass and took you down to a place we don’t even know exists and questioned you?”

Edmunds, who does look like he has seen a thing or two, replies: “The typical men in black (MIB) showed up, walked through our front gate and came up and confronted me.”

He goes on the say it was like “right out of the movie” with “guys with sunglasses and no expression on their faces” who refused to give him any ID.

Edmunds recognised them right away from depictions in movies.

John Edmunds of Stardust Ranch is interviewed by the Ghost Adventures team
John Edmunds of Stardust Ranch is interviewed by the Ghost Adventures team

He tried to be helpful but the men in black told him straight: “You need to stop telling these stories!”

When he questioned what stories, as there are lots emanating from the ranch, they said: “You are not to report any more UFOs.”

Stardust Ranch in Arizona
Stardust Ranch in Arizona where the men in black are said to have shown up

Zak Bagans is the main investigator on the show and he travels to locations far and wide looking for evidence of hauntings and other unexplained events. He is aided by Aaron Goodwin as they interview witnesses and experts.

Catch Ghost Adventures Saturdays 9pm/8c on TRAVEL.

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